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What has she done for him lately?

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Not sure how much time Elliott Richard will give me to post so I'll make this quick.

Gavin has his 2nd s.v. (supervised visit) today. The promised Legos apparently showed up but after Nick helped Gavin put them together he was told he couldn't bring them home b/c Pam wanted them at her place for when he spends the night in 2 months on Dec. 1st. *shock* Now unless I've been left out of the loop on something here (and after all I'm just the custodial parent) she's lying to him. Why is it so difficult for her to get it through her skull that:

A) He's 6 yrs old.
B) He has no control over this situation.
C) What she's doing is putting him in the middle, which isn't in his best interests.

Then again, when has she ever done anything that was in his best interests over Nick's? *roll eyes* He's up there crying in bed right now.

Other than that life is pretty quiet. Elliott Richard is trying to crawl. He's working pretty hard at it but not quite there yet.

I thought I might be pregnant. Took a test. It was negative. No more babies here for a while. Had my "ick test" last Tuesday. The prep was horrible. I think all gastro docs should have to have at least one "ick test" for every patient that they have. So 150 patients equals 150 "ick tests". Even if between the 150 patients we've had 300 "ick tests" he still only has to have 150 tests - he's getting off light...see I'm not without compassion. They did the test. All was perfect, which is good because it means I don't have cancer, crohns, or colitis. But it's bad because it means they still don't know what is causing my problems, which means more tests for me. Yippee. *insert sarcasm here*

I tried to write in my actual journal. But my handwriting was horrible because of my pain meds. I hate horrible handwriting in my journal so I gave up and got online.

Nick has a new friend on's marijuana related. I swear he must be completely brain dead. He knows Gavin's case worker is watching his MySpace why would he do that? That's stupid.

Sunny (Gavin's new kitten that he rescued a month or so ago) may actually have a perma-home with us. *knocks on wood* I think we've finally got her litter box issues figured out. I don't know what they were to begin with but they seem to be fixed now. I hope it stays that way.

Welp Elliott Richard is screaming. He gave me more time than I thought he would. Off to bed we go. Night.


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