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I'm laying in bed. Trying to get some work done while the baby sleeps next to me. I'm absolutely exhausted. Partly because my migraine and tummy meds are kicking in and they make me sleepy. But mostly because the stress of life is seriously getting to me.

Gavin had his bi-weekly supervised visit last night with Nick and Pam. He's been seeing mice who he says are trying to eat him alive lately after the visits. Last night wasn't any different. He got dressed for school this morning while standing on his lower bunk so the mice couldn't eat his feet. :( Gavin also came home with two interesting pieces of information:

1.) Nick and Pam told him last night that "the lady judge said you get to spend the night at grandma's house soon". (That never happened. It's up to Gavin's new shrink (appointed by the courts) to make a determination as to what is in Gavin's best interests. But she said that they wouldn't get anything more than what they have until Nick starts taking things seriously (ie. completes his case plan and gets sober) and Pam stops making excuses for Nick. It will be a cold day before any of that ever happens.)

2.) Gavin had a karate promotion this morning. He apparently told them about it. Pam said she couldn't make it because she has to work. Nick promised to be there, which is a problem for many reasons. A.) He legally isn't allowed to see Gavin except at the church every other Sunday. B.) We all know that he wasn't going to show up. But he promised Gavin. And of course, he broke that promise.

Gavin has a difficult time making sense of the world in general to begin with - he doesn't need them making the waters muddier for him. I don't understand how they can be so heartless. I don't understand how they can play mind games with an Autistic 7 year boy. I just want to brain him.

Nick didn't show up, of course. Gavin's shrink said if he did we were to tell him to leave and have the police remove him if necessary. I was kind of wishing he would show up so that Gavin wouldn't be let down with yet another empty promise.

On a happier note, Gavin's promotion went off without a hitch. He received his orange belt and broke a 1 inch thick pine board with his bare hand!!!! :) It was SO COOL to see! Rob and I couldn't stop smiling. Rob took like 50 pictures and some video. I meant to take some pictures but forgot my camera. Not that Elliott Richard let me hand him over to his Grandmas for more than 5 seconds at a time. lol

Gavin is still at school and so far they haven't called and asked me to come and pick him up - his teacher and I agreed that if he had too difficult a time today after the lies yesterday and the let down today that she would call me and I could just come and pick him up. So I guess he's doing okay - at least I hope he is.

Ah...true love...

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