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The Meeting

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The meeting was...interesting. The panic attack didn't set in until after we were home and I tried to watch a repeat of "Judging Amy" involving a case of spousal abuse who threw a chair through a window...I fell apart at that point.

Nick claims he wants to do whatever is in Gavin's best interests even if that means Gavin never spends the night at his mother's house again. *insert confusion here* Rob and I are taking everything he said with a grain of salt at this point. As you can see my thoughts are still pretty scattered today.

I remember Rob confronting Nick on why he came to court twice the legal blood alcohol level two different times if things are so different. lol I kicked him (Rob). Gavin's shrink jumped in to redirect the conversation.

Pam kept asking "what about me?" and "what about what I want?" Nick kept reminding her that it wasn't about her. I wonder how long this new "sober super-dad" will stick around. He looked familiar that's for sure - he was the same guy I thought I was marrying 7 years ago. Needless to say, that's not the guy who showed up to the alter or the "marriage" afterwards. He was sporting a stylish dragon tattoo on his right upper arm. Along with a very stylish *insert sarcasm here* tongue piercing. (I've never understood the point in tongue rings.) I told them I want to form a team that acts in Gavin's best interests reguardless of what that happens to mean for any of us. Nick says he agrees. Pam not so much. She asked me if I was willing to drop all legal proceedings at this point and agree to never use lawyers again. about NO!! Sometimes I wonder if I have "idiot" or "born yesterday" tattooed on my forehead. She just wants lawyers gone because she thinks Nick is then free to be an alcoholic and drug addict without consequence. Or she knows something I don't know, which could be, and she can't fight the battle on more than one front. Either way, no dice.

Ah...true love...

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