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Elliott Richard has been relocated to his "big boy" bed. Granted, it's still in our bedroom but I don't want to completely culture shock the poor boy. He was doing really well at first. I figure it was the honeymoon phase. Now he's fine to nap for his full nap (2.5 hours) by himself in his bed. But he only makes it until midnight or so at night. *sigh* He's obsessed with the book "Too Many Bunnies". I have no idea where it came from but he loves it.

Gavin just received his 2nd level on his Orange belt in martial arts last Wednesday. He broke a board with his bare hand and everything. Very cool.

Other than that things are actually pretty quiet for once. My ex-husband was sentenced to 10 days in jail and 36 days house arrest for his latest (2nd) DUI. He hasn't been on MySpace in 5 days, which is unusual for him. I'm guessing he's serving his time with "Big Bubba". With any luck, Bubba will take a "special interest" in Nick, if you get my drift. lol

Ah...true love...

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