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Michael Isreal

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Rob found this on His name is Michael Isreal. His website is He is amazing. There's no other way to say it. Very, very, very cool!

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I feel like poo!! I cannot seem to kick this cold. I've got a thousand and one things to do Monday and Tuesday and not nearly enough time for them all. That's assuming of course that I call Monday after 5pm and they don't need me for Jury Duty. *sigh* Which sucks because I've always wanted to sit on a jury before but there really could not be a worse time. Then of course there's the fact that I'm supposed to help cook a Thanksgiving Dinner and feed it to 80+ students at Gavin's school on Tuesday. "Happy holidays kids! Here, have a cold." *blech*

I was reading Heidi's blog last night and she was talking about her one cat, which of course got me thinking about my little furballs. I currently have two: Storm and Cleo. Although I've had many, many cats.

My favorite was probably my baby, Seven. We called him Seve for short. He had seven little toes on each of his front paws. We called him my "migraine cat" because he always seemed to know when I had a migraine. He would follow me around and where ever I eventually collapsed, he would collapse too. Unfortunately, he also had a thing for plants. He didn't care what they were. He would eat them, which was ultimately his downfall. Christmas time 2004 he got ahold of a Peace Lily, we didn't even know what it was, and ate some. I didn't know it was leathal to cats or I never would have allowed it in the house. He became sick and after a few days we had to have him put down because he was in Liver Failure.

I think Seve's problem began with his catnip binges...
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We've had Storm almost the entire time Rob and I have been together. My cousin Sam found her outside her college apartment but couldn't keep her because of housing rules. Well Storm was pregnant so Sam's mom, my Aunt Sharon, brought her home. She couldn't keep her because of her own housing rules so she called me. Rob and I snuck her and the kittens into his parents' house. lol We lost all of the kittens because Storm wasn't producing any milk and the vet didn't figure it out until it was too late. :( We still have Storm. I don't know exactly how old she is but she moves a lot like me on flare day. ;) Slow and steady, like she's seen too much of the world and would prefer the rest of it just pass her by. Her favorite place to be when I carry her is lying across my shoulders. It's actually pretty funny to see.

Storm is the queen bee and she knows it. She isn't shy about showing it either. lol (I've never seen such cool eyes on a cat before.)
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Cleo is my other furbaby at the moment. We got her after Rob's siamese, Frost, was struck by lightning and died. (Our cats have dangerous futures ahead of them when they pick us as their family/pack.) We picked Cleo out of about 3 litters at this farm. She had the most spunk of all the kittens. The farm owner said she was his favorite because she took on two full grown German Sheppards by herself at 6 weeks!!! lol I knew in that moment that I had to have her. It took me about a week to name her. Finally I decided she was a Cleopatra, Cleo for short, because she had the "eyeliner" markings like Cleopatra. I affectionately call Cleo "Sneezie" or "Clepto". Sneezie because for about a year she had this sneeze that we could NOT seem to get rid of. Finally the vet told us to try OTC allergy meds cut in half. After a few weeks of that and the sneezing was gone - haven't seen it since. I call her a clepto because when she was a baby and sometimes on a particularly hyperactive day she will scour the house for anything small, round and/or shiny. She will take her treasures to the bathtub upstairs. Toss them in. And chase them for HOURS! When she was tiny she used to wake me up at 3 or 4am doing this. Apparently part of the fun is making as much noise as possible! lol Oh yeah, I can't forget to tell you about what a good pregnancy test she is. When I was pregnant with Elliott Richard, Cleo was everywhere I wanted to be. (Yes, kind of like VISA/MASTERCARD. lol) If I sat or laid down she was laying on my belly across my hips. Before I found out I was pregnant this time, she was doing the same thing. She will do this until my belly gets too big and she can't find room. lol

Cleo is my snuggle bug...
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Ah...true love...

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