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I can't imagine.

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I've spent most of today resting (Rob keeps telling me I'm overdoing it.) and just marveling in the amazing, wonder that is Elliott Richard. I read him a book his Auntie Sam and Uncle Ben gave him for his 1st birthday, "Big Little". Each set of pages is something big on the left page and something little on the right page. When we got to the "Trees are BIG. Dandelions are LITTLE." pages, Elliott tried to blow the seeds off the dandelion. :) Which was just too cute. Then of course he loved his favorite part, "The moon is BIG. My night-light is LITTLE." Where he gave the sleeping baby kisses and said "ni-night" repeatedly.

Then I'm checking my email and surfing the web and I stumble upon this article about Dennis Quaid's newborn twins, Thomas and Zoe, were given 10,000 units of the blood thinner Heparin rather than the proper dose of 10 units!!!! I can't even imagine. That's a HUGE difference. I understand that accidents happen anywhere and everywhere but that seems like a really big boo-boo to me. I can't imagine how I would react to that.


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Morning sickness has officially begun. For the first time, it actually seems to be in the morning too! With Gavin it was only at night and when I felt extreme stress. Elliott was all day, everyday sickness. I kinda figured it was on it's way this time too because the past few days food has sounded absolutely horrible. But I was hoping to avoiod the whole mess altogether. God sure has a crappy sense of humor too. Thanksgiving is my *favorite* holiday and here I am stuck with morning sickness, unable to enjoy the food. *sigh*

Ah...true love...

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