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I understand that Hollywood is the land of creativity and creative-license. (Well, not so much at the moment because of the writers' strike. Um, Hollywood, it's time to pay the writers! America cannot be held responsible for our actions if we are forced to watch reruns for much longer.) Anyway, I, of all people, really and truly do understand the whole creative process. However, in my world there are certain things that I feel should be considered sacred - pregnant women and newborns/infants are at the top of that list. I'm not completely naive. I understand that horrible things happen to pregnant women, newborns and infants. If it is absolutely necessary to the plot (ie the movie is based on a true story) then fine. However, I became nauseous during the scene in "Zodiac" when the mother and baby are picked up and she's told to throwtonight Rob and I went to see "Alien v Predator" and there was nothing true about that story. There was absolutely no reason for the gore to go anywhere near pregnant women (both in labor and not) and the newborns in the nursery. Yes, the scene was in a hospital. What's wrong with the hundreds of other patients in the hospital? Why did the pregnant women and newborns have to be involved at all? And for the record, I felt this way before I had children so this isn't just because I'm a mom and pregnant. But I digress.

Prior to this evening, I didn't understand why the local movie theater needed to have a "cafe". What was wrong with the snack bar they had? Why did anyone need anything more than popcorn, pop and candy...the basics, you know? Well, now I know. They put that "cafe" in for the pregnant women! (Okay, realistically they didn't put it in just for pregnant women. I bet a pregnant women came up with the idea though! lol) I ate my popcorn (with extra butter, of course) and I drank my coke (Yes, I know that caffeine is bad. But I don't have it very often - I'm very careful.) but I was still hungry. 2/3 of the way through the movie I needed chocolate. This craving was fueled by the fact that the movie was done in poor tastes...but I've beaten that dead horse. Candy didn't sound good. What was I going to eat? ICE CREAM! Thank God for the "cafe". I will never doubt it's need for existence again. :) lol

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