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24 week Belly Pictures

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Okay so I'm almost 26 weeks, which makes these pictures a little late. But I've been fighting with my camera and my laptop (apparently they still aren't on speaking terms - I don't know why) so now is when they are getting posted. :) lol

You can't really see my belly in this picture but I just love it!

A more recent belly bump with Elliott Richard. He just loves my belly! When he saw us taking belly pictures, he had to get involved.

I love how we are looking at each other while holding Tiny within my belly.

And here's the actual belly picture for the 24th week. :)

I'm not sure it does justice to the size of my belly. Of course, it feels much larger to me than it seems to appear to everyone else.


Jen said...

Wow, you look great! I love the picture of you and Elliott Richard. They are so sweet!

Nicole said...

Man your tummy looks HUGE :D ;) na not really, but you can tell Tiny is getting bigger!!! I love the two of you and ER. He really is a cute kid :)

Barbie said...

Cute top! Someone has great taste, tee, hee.
love, mom

Ah...true love...

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