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Bed Rest ~ Day 46

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Today has been insane since the yay-hoo called the house at 1:00am.

We woke up with hopes that we would get me to the hospital by 9:00am for my 1 hour Glucose Screen since I have to fast for a minimum of 12 hours before hand. (A very hungry woman is a very grumpy woman afterall!) We managed to get there after a few hiccups by 11:00am. Then the outpatient lab was crazy busy. I drank the stuff at 11:35am (why I had to wait to sit and chug flat pop in 30 seconds is beyond me) and then we hung out for an hour. We did some walking, which is technically a no-no but it felt good to be up and moving. Then they drew my blood for three different blood tests. Two were related to my Heparin injections. The third was the Glucose blood draw.

As it turns out (lucky me) my clotting factors still aren't where Dr. D would like to see them, which means another dosage increase for me. Rob thinks they will simply increase the dose and do it by adding a third daily injection. (double lucky me) I'm hoping that they don't increase the dose and keep it at two injections because that would likely mean moving the location of the injections from my arms to some place else. (yippee) I'm supposed to call on Monday and find out my new dose. Then I see Dr. D on Tuesday and find out that hopefully I'll learn that I've passed Glucose Hell.

Tiny is moving like mad today! (lol) We thought we had a name picked out. Then we changed it. Then we changed it again. Now we can't seem to decide on anything. Oy! Everyday this pregnancy seems more and more real to me. Tiny moves more. Developes more of a personality. This morning I got the snot kicked out of me because I had to fast for that blood work. Then there was some "River Dancing" going on after I was finally permitted to eat. :) And now I've got some "River Dance" going on again but I think it's just for fun. :) lol

God willing, I won't get woken up at 1:00am by the moron from last night. Hopefully tomorrow will be a less insane day. Although Gavin is home, so the jury is still out on that one.

46 down ~ 89 to go


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