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Bed Rest ~ Day 47 Surviving...

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Well, as you can see from my posts all morning, I'm still here. I'm still sick but not as bad. I'm very slowly progressing through the non-productive, rib breaking hacking to the productive goo-spitting hacking. And as much as I hate vomitting, I think I'd rather vomit than hack up goo. It's just odd.

What really sucks is that Rob appears to be coming down with it now. But there isn't anything we can do until it gets to that "point of no return". And it doesn't help that Elliott Richard didn't sleep much at all last night, which means Rob didn't sleep either. Although he did go back to bed for a bit, I'm not sure that's going to help much. :(

So I'm in a crazy, picture taking mood. I've taking pictures of just about anything and everything this morning. (I'm actually in the mood to make more cards but that's far more involved than picture taking. So it will have to wait.) Let's face it, there's only so much I can do while on bed rest. So I take pictures. (My poor children are left at my picture taking mercy. *evil laugh*)

I like to call this collection: Surviving Pneumonia on Bed Rest
This is the only picture of me with pneumonia. It is also, unfortunately, the only picture from Week 26. I kept trying to get belly pictures taken but I just couldn't drag myself out of bed. (On a side note: When in God's name did I get double chins!?!?!?! Ack!)
The Pneumonia Meds
(That's the whole day's worth.)

This was the only way I could get fluids down for a week straight. I had no idea I could cough my throat that raw.

Lip balm
My lips have been dry this entire pregnancy, no matter how much I drink. But that was nothing compared to how dry my lips were with all that hacking, which does not feel any better when your lips are cracked and bleeding. Just for the record.

And that my friends is how I managed to come out on the other side. :)

47 down ~ 88 to go


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