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Bed Rest ~ Day 49 Rambling, Disjointed Update

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Life is slowly returning to "normal". Meaning basically that I am slowly getting over my pneumonia. (But I'm still struggling a bit so please forgive the disjointed thought process of this blog. lol) Gavin is in school and will probably be returning to my mother's this evening. Rob is trying to fight off something similar to what I had. So far he appears to be winning the battle. (Prayers that he beats it quickly would be much appreciated because we really can't afford for Rob to get sick right now.) Other than that it's just life as usual here.

We are trying to find a rhythm and groove for our day-to-day lives. Obviously this is a struggle with Gavin involved to begin with. Then you throw in the bed rest, high risk pregnancy, Elliott Richard, my health, Rob's sanity and the new Spring season. Spring and fall are my favorite seasons because they are so beautiful. They are my least favorite seasons because they mean more housework. We are struggling to stay above water as it is and now we've got yard work to be done. Boys itching to go outside and play. A lilac bush that causes me horrible migraines right outside my window. The list just goes on and on.

Our neighbors have these beautiful landscaped yards that they keep up with meticulous efficiency. And I would love to have those yards but honestly, our lives simply do not afford us that luxury. I told Rob last night that we need to consider scaling down the flowers and whatnot that we do have to the simplest and most attractive option available and leave it at that. The easier the yard and yard work are for Rob...well, it's just one less thing he has to worry about.

In a few hours we have a company coming out to give us an estimate on 6x6ft white vinyl fencing for our yard. Gavin's MRDD SSA, Andrea, thinks she has found funding to get the fence paid for since Gavin is a runner. As soon as the door opens, he off for the car or into the street. Trying to get him to wait on the sidewalk is a complete impossibility at this point because when he grows bored he'll just take off. If one of our neighbors (the few he knows and we are friends with) happen to be outside, off he goes. Too bad she can't find funding to cover "The Leak". :(

Yesterday, was our sister Kate's college graduation. (Technically she's Rob's sister but I don't call them my sisters-in-law too often.) We didn't get to attend the graduation because of the bed rest. :( Kate said it was best that I didn't come though because apparently it was really hot! So while I'm sad and disappointed that I missed the ceremony, it's good that I didn't go. And I feel better knowing that Kate understands. After the ceremony we had a big family party for her at Mom & Dad G's. Rob and I went because I just transplanted myself onto their furniture for a few hours. :) It was so nice to get out of the house. Even if I was sitting in someone else's house. lol The food was delicious! (Fried chicken and pizza - yum!) The cake was even better! (Tiny definitely approved. lol) Overall, it was a pretty good day. (Minus the meltdowns from Gavin and whatnot - but I'm just not in the mood to focus on that at the moment.)

I think I may have overdone things though. Because I started to get this nagging "sore and bruised" feeling in my belly yesterday. Then last night I was having some pretty strong contractions with a lot of cervical pain even though they weren't consistent. Some of them woke me up clutching my belly. I have to call Dr. D in 15 minutes to find out my new Heparin dose anyway so I think I'll mention it then. I haven't had too many since I woke up but I woke up nauseous too, which is unusual. So who knows. Odds are they are going to want me to come in, which will throw Rob's whole day off. :(

49 down ~ 86 to go


Kari said...

HUGS!!! I hope that all is well and you did not over do yesterday..I will be praying for you and "tiny".

Nicole said...

Spaz. I just wanted to leave that as a comment :) Jr and I are in a "mood" :D

Ah...true love...

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