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What the HUH?!

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It's currently 1:18am. My home phone just rang?! Here's the conversation:

Me: (half asleep and physically exhausted from hacking up goo) Hello?
Unknown Male Caller: Huh? Who are you?!
Me: WHO AM I?! You call me at 1:00am and demand to know WHO I AM?!
UMC: Uh....*click*

Someone explain it to me how he calls my home at 1:00am and wants to know who I am?! Furthermore who calls people, outside of an emergency, at 1:00am?! Fine, he obviously didn't expect me to answer the phone. But what happened to common courtesy? What happened to "Hello, is so-and-so there?" If he calls back again, so help me God...

I'm off to try and hold off the coughing and hacking long enough to fall back to sleep again. Honestly...who am I?!...*sigh*


Apple said...

Well, my blogger friends certainly are proving good for a laugh this morning! Your tone is truly funny...I can just hear you saying all this. hahaha

Anonymous said...

My best friend used to get calls at all hours... they found that if you looked up the Akron-Canton Airport in an old phone book, you found their number. Lucky them! They got to talk to grouchy people unhappy with service at all hours. Sometimes, the callers didn't even care that it was the wrong number. They told my friends all about their issues anyway.


Nicole said...

Oh happy joy joy. I'd tell them to go pee on an electric fence ;)

Ah...true love...

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