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Bed Rest ~ Day 57

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I can't believe it's only Tuesday. I feel like it should be Thursday or Friday.

I'm grumpy today...for a lot of reasons. Some of those reasons are valid and a big deal. Some of those reasons are more of annoyances and the "icing on the cake". I guess this is my way of warning you. I'm going to do some updating but it will likely be heavily sprinkled with whining and pity parties. You have been warned. ;)

I'm still having the contractions/major irritablities every 20 minutes or so. I called Dr. D's office yesterday to make sure that I shouldn't be doing anything differently. The first nurse I talked to tried to reassure me but I persisted because I didn't feel comfortable with the answers I was getting. She finally said she'd talk to Dr. D and then she'd call me back. A few hours later Lori, one of my favorite of all Dr. D's nurses, called me back. She must have talked to me for 5-10 minutes. Answering my questions and just generally reassuring me. I felt so much better after talking to her. She didn't "poo-poo" me or blow me off at all. When I asked her if I should be doing anything differently at home or if there's anything more medically we can do. She said that we are doing everything medically we can right now. She said that there's a chance I may stay dilated to 1 cm for the rest of the pregnancy and I should try not to worry about it but she understands why I would. She said at home I should stay down more than I have been. She said to lay on my left side, push the fluids and only get up to use the bathroom. *sigh* At this point if staying down all day and only getting up to use the bathroom will keep Tiny inside, then that's what I'll do.

I also talked to her about the disaster that was PT last week. She confirmed that Dr. D had intended for them to just do heat and massage, however, she also agrees that going back at this point would be a horrible idea. So the only option I have for my back pain at this point are my pain meds. And while I hate the idea of taking those, the idea of my preterm labor getting worse from the stress caused by the pain is a bigger concern. So I'll take them.

It's only 8:26am and I already had to take my meds for my back. For some unknown reason (at least it's unknown to me) Elliott Richard decided that 3:00am was a good time to wake up. After a half an hour I was finally able to get him back to sleep. Only to have him wake up again at 4:30am and refuse to go back to sleep. Finally at 5:45am I gave up. I woke Rob up and told him that I was done. At some point last night while I was trying desperately to get Elliott Richard back to sleep, I feel asleep with my head at an odd angle on his bed. He didn't sleep. But for the briefest of moments, I did. Unfortunately, that tiny nap gave me a massive crick in my neck. Then I went and took a nice long hot shower.

I love hot showers. For that brief period, I couldn't feel the cramping and contractions. My back didn't hurt quite as bad. And I wasn't completely exhausted and overwhelmed. Sometimes I just wish I could hide in the shower and not worry about anything.

57 down ~ 78 to go
8 weeks down ~ 11 to go


Anonymous said...

The back pain is probably from the bedrest. My back hurt horribly every single day I was on hospital bedrest. Now that I'm home and able to get up, my back pain is gone, even though I'm toting around 9.5 pounds of kid and their accessories. Hang in there. Maybe in another few weeks they'll change you to modified bedrest.

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