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Bed Rest ~ Day 58 Crazy Pregnancy Dreams

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Let the crazy pregnancy dreams begin. I know I've had a few pregnancy dreams up to this point, however, these are different.

When I was pregnant with Gavin I had a few of the "typical" pregnancy dreams where you leave the house without the baby, drive away with the baby in the carrier on top of the car...that sort of stuff. But the main dreams I had revolved around nursing. I would dream I had had him and was nursing him. These dreams would seem so real that I would wake up devasted when I realized it was all just a dream.

With Elliott Richard my dreams revolved around the "typical" pregnancy dreams with a few nursing dreams thrown in. Mainly though I had dreams about things going horriblly wrong with the pregnancy/labor & delivery because everything with his pregnancy was so crazy and stressful.

This time around I've had a few pregnancy dreams in the beginning. I don't remember what they were about but they've been pretty "vanilla". Mainly I've had "normal" dreams but I'm pregnant in all of them. So I'm dreaming that I'm going about life as usual (or at least what passes for "as usual" in my dreams) only I'm pregnant.

Last night was my first nursing dream so far. I was trying to nurse Tiny at every feeding while in the NICU and then they refused to allow me to take Tiny home until I could produce like 40 oz in addition to what I needed to produce every three hours for feedings! So basically the NICU wanted me to feed Tiny and then immediately following that feeding they wanted me to pump 40 additional ounces before they would release Tiny to come home. At one point I was just sobbing because I kept getting so close but they still refused to release him until I pumped 40 oz. It was so stressful!

58 down ~ 77 to go


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