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Bed Rest ~ Day 76 (Trombones - haha)

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Double blech! The more Rob and I debate whether Tiny has dropped. The more we are certain that he has. Or he's trying. I've only got one lump now, so I know he isn't laying transverse (side to side). And I'm 90% certain that lump is his butt because he's been spinning and I watch his feet become little lumps as he pushes off and spins. Then I'll get a foot to the ribs and an elbow when he wants to stop. It's interesting. I'm so sore. My whole body just aches! Especially where he's doing all his break-dancing moves - oh dear God. Not to mention the pain when he nabs a ligament with an elbow.

Luckily, I've been sleeping okay the past few nights. Although I probably just jinxed myself by saying that. Elliott Richard has been going to sleep without help, although I'm still sitting nearby. Every night I move a little more away. I'm also trying to get him to fall back to sleep on his own. It's so going...but we're getting there.

I finally got all of our contacts into Outlook. All 204 of them! And I didn't even add all of the contacts in my organizer. I only added the ones we had to have. Well that and all of my email addresses...but still...204 is just insane.

Okay, the "morning sickness" is kicking in again. Time to take my meds. Then find something to eat. And zone in front of the TV - Rob is wants to watch "Norbit". That movie where Eddie Murphy plays most of the characters himself. *shrugs* Whatever.


Anonymous said...

Hi Lizzie - just wanted to let you know I am still around. Checking in on you...just not posting much.

Julie said...

the good news is you know Tiny has room to flip around. baby O seems stubbornly content to remain breech. I'm sorry you have to watch Norbit - I think it's among Eddie Murphy's worst movies (and I'm a huge fan of his) - I hope you like it more than I did so you won't feel like you've wasted the time spent watching it. aren't I just a barrel of optimism and happiness today!? lol. sorry!

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