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Bed Rest ~ Day 79

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Good morning. I'm exhausted and still not quite awake, despite having been "awake" for an hour and a half.

Elliott is busy taking my books off my book shelf, stacking them up and knocking them down. I am so sore it is absolutely insane. I woke up at one point last night, as in sat bolt upright from a deep sleep, trying not to scream in pain because I had the worst charlie horse I've had in a while. I felt silly because I was flapping around, trying to smack Rob awake to rub it out for me. (lol) I finally landed a few smacks and woke him up. Although he wasn't exactly awake, he tried to rub it out. He did manage to get it to a tolerable level so I was able to go back to sleep. So now, my leg is still cramped up. My back is cramped up. And for some reason my right arm is killing me!

Today my plan is to work on some things online. Try and make some cards. Eat a lot of food. And generally veg since I seriously over did it on Monday and Tuesday. Fun. Fun.

79 down ~ 56 to go
12 injections down ~ 6 to go
11 weeks down ~ 7 to go


MarcsMom said...

omg I'm sorry but laughed my butt off at the sight of you smacking the hell out of Rob tryin to wake him up. I know those charlie horses are no fun tho.

Ah...true love...

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