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Okay so I haven't introduced my new blogs recently. Well not my new blogs but the blogs and whatnot that I've found and grown addicted to. :)

Bed Rest and Beyond ~ This is the story of Becci. She started this blog when it was discovered in her second pregnancy that she has I.C. (Incompetent Cervix). She had a cerclage and nearly her entire pregnancy was spent on strict bed rest. She chronicles her entire pregnancy and delivery. Then she goes on to tell the story of their journey on the quest for #2. I love the blog! Now go! Check it out! Read Becci's story - start to finish! :)

Ok...I have other blogs that I have discovered. However, I don't know if I'm going to add them to my Blogs of Note list. So it remains to be seen if they will be listed here. Now on to the other things I've discovered and want to share...

Verve Earth ~ You go. You sign up. You start a little profile-thingie. It plots you on the global map every time you view your blog (I think). And it shows all the other people around the globe who are viewing their blogs. You can search based on keywords etc. It seems pretty cool.

Blogamama ~ You can list your blog here too. I *think* you have to be a mama to list your blog here - but I'm not sure. Since most of you who read my blog are're good to go. ;) lol Although in order to list your blog you have put their little graphic button or text link on your blog linking back to the Blogamama page. No big deal really. And that's where I found a bunch of the blogs I'm currently reading and reviewing for you. ;)

The Mom Blogs ~ Now this one I know for sure you have to be a mom in order to list your blog here. However, it operates much like Blogamama. You give them your information. You put their button/icon thingie on your blog - on the actual blog not in a post.

So basically, for an interesting read...check out Becci's blog. To find some cool blogs to read, checdk out Blogamama and The Mom Blogs sites. :)

I'm off to vegge now...seriously...I am. I swear. Maybe...


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