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Homeward bound

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We came. We saw. We were released. (Yay!)

They think I just have a contraction-happy uterus. I haven't progressed anymore beyond the 1cm/40% effaced from Sat May 3rd. So that's a good thing. The doctor was super nice. So was my nurse, Carol. I think this may have been a record for us. :)

Elliott Richard got to hang out with his Aunt Teri and Uncle Jonny. He had a blast! (Thanks guys! You were a life saver!) So all in all, things turned out well. And I'm back to my plan to wait for Tiny to be waving before I go back in. :)

The Stats
Weight: 180lb (so I gained back the 1.5lb I had lost PLUS 1.5lbs - yay!)
Pulse: 93 bpm
BP: 90/48 (which is low even for me!)
Tiny's Heartrate: 139 bpm
fFN: negative
Cervix: 1cm/40% effaced

Tiny is moving like crazy and I'm waiting for my meds to kick in. I hope I sleep deeply tonight. These contractions may not be the real deal but they are painful and physically exhausting.

Thanks for the prayers and positive thoughts. They're working. :)


Julie said...

I'm so glad you and Tiny are home and are ok in spite of your contraction-happy uterus. ;0. I hope you get the rest you need tonight. Talk to ya soon.

Nicole said...

I had a comment for this - but it's better suited else where ;) I'm glad your home and Xander is still cooking ;)

April said...

Furst off, I'm so glad you're home and that Tiny will be cooking for a while longer.

Second, I love love love the name Xander, even though the full name is Alexander. Xander is so cool though. I happen to like Alexander Nicholas, in response to your older post. I can't wait to hear what you choose. How exciting!

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