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It has been asked by Anonymous "why do you all have ptsd?" I have it as a "parting gift" from my ex-husband and our previous disaster of a marriage. Rob has it from all the horrors he witnessed while saving lives as a firefighter/paramedic. Gavin has it...well, he's a minor and my just take my word for it...he has it. His Autism actually puts him at an increased risk because he can't process the world around him, let alone tell; which makes him the "perfect victim". Elliott Richard doesn't have it. Thank God for small favors. (When I have more time, I may eloborate on my "parting gift". But seeing as how it's currently 11:07pm and I've been having wicked contractionns all day and Elliott has been super can wait. Most of you know it already anyway and no one likes repeats. lol)

Thank you for the question.. :)

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