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I had my sprinkle today. It was so much fun. I had an absolute blast just seeing my cousins. As we've all grown up we've each gone our different ways. As we should. But that's definitely made it difficult to hang out etc. I miss them all greatly. And I loved seeing them and catching up with them.

Wonderful company. Good food. What more could a pregnant gal on bed rest ask for?

(I'll post a more detailed update with lots of pictures tomorrow. For now my morning sickness has returnhed and brought a migraine for company. So I'm going to veg and watch "Andromeda strain" with Rob.)


Slade said...

I am so glad you had a sprinkle!!! Can't wait to see pics!

Nicole said...

hey atleast you have pictures from your party to post ;) I had all of 2!! ;) Glad you had a good day!!

Nicole said...

(despite the migraine and return of the m/s!)

Ah...true love...

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