My Breastfeeding Badges of Honor

Labor and Delivery in Pictures

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Here I am texting with Nikky and Laura. They were God-sends!
(Thanks gals!)
Here I am hanging out with the girls. (Teri on the left and Kate in the green)
Kate was my second partner during the delivery. Teri was my angel, bringing me the things I had forgotten about and the "real food" my belly so desperately needed. I couldn't have gotten through it all without these two!

This was the isolet that Emmett John was taken to immediately after birth. It was the location of his evaluation by the Neonatologist. That was probably the longest evaluation of my life.
Here I am. Fully dilated. Fully effaced. Waiting on Dr. D to make his appearance so I could start pushing. (Poor Dr. D, I'm pretty sure that we woke him up.)
Welcome to the world, Emmett John!

Thursday, June 26, 2008 @ 12:30 am

7lb 4oz

19.5 inches


Ah...true love...

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