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We cut Gavin's meds by 50% about a week ago. Since then he has been slipping back into what appears to be a manic phase. We had to start taking away his TV remote at night because he has begun waking up again in the middle of the night again with compulsive urges to do things. Last night I woke up at 4am only to find Gavin in bed watching one of his shows. He said he "HAD" to watch them.

He has also begun trying to build these inventions again. He builds these things out of Kinex (sp?) and found this wire that was used to hold a toy in its package. He wrapped this wire around the "Antenna" he created for his invention and expects it to become alive. He has spent the last 2 days trying to make it come to life. He refuses to walk away from it. He keeps saying he has to do it. There is an urgancy in his voice when he speaks about it.

We see Patti tonight and will discuss other options we may have for the behavioural side of things. We will be going back to appointments every week again. Pray for Gavin that he can pull out of this one......


His doctor just called and they are out of town at another office right now. They are going to discuss new medication(s) and call us back shortly. They were so nice and they definatly feel for us. We will update when we know more...


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