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Okay, so I promised you pictures and an update...three days ago. I have the pictures. They are on my phone. I just haven't gotten around to posting them yet. However, I will give you a quick "driveby" update. Ready? Here we go...

Elliott Richard has recently gone through a pretty big change. He now thinks everyone should go through this change. He also has a slight case of impetigo (ie bacterial rash). While both he and Emmett John were at the ped's office Thursday he said the cutest thing. Here's the convo:

Me: So I shouldn't worry about Emmett's "foaming at the mouth"?
Dr. H (ped): Nah, it's most likely the reflux. Unless of course you think he's rabid?
Me: Nah, I think he's good.
Elliott Richard: (looking very confused) That not rabbit! That baby Ennett!

Gavin started school last Monday. He's doing okay so far. He has a new classmate, which I predict will be disastrous. Only time will tell.

Um....I've added stats for Gavin and Elliott Richard to the sidebar along with Emmett John's stats. Elliott Richard weighs 29lb 11oz!!!!! Emmett John is now 11lb 13oz!!!! I've got two chunky monkeys on my hands!!!

I swallowed my pride and talked to Dr. D about PPD. Turns out that extreme anxiety is a form of PPD. I did not know this. Now I do. He put me on a low-dose anti-depressant for a little while. Hello, placebo effect! I'm already feeling better. Still very jumpy and anxious but not as bad. I'm still adjusting to the meds so I'm tired and napping. A lot. (Which is a big reason the blog has been so desolate lately.)

Emmett John is doing much better. He's now 8 weeks old, which I can't believe! The increase in his Zantac seems to have finally fully taken effect. He's much happier and laid back now. Sleeps really well at night. Not spitting up as much. It's been nice. (I'm waiting for the bottom to fall out.)

The twins are adjusting nicely. Blue is slowly starting to show some interest in actually being a member of the family. He's slowly seeking out attention. Cosmo is still a complete spaz. Elliott Richard loves them both...nearly to death at times. They tolerate him really well. I think they'll fit in nicely....once Cosmo settles down some. lol

Rob threw his back out again. We've been trying to nurse that back to "normal" for the past 5-6 days. He really needs to have major back surgery (he's honestly needed it since the injury in 2001-2002) but that's not an option right now with everything else that's going on.

I'm still acting like a spoilt teenager and ignoring God. Do I believe this is hurting him? Nope. Do I care? Nope. I'm still hurt and pissed off and feeling abandoned.

We still have that major thing going on that I can't elaborate on yet. Rob and I debate just laying all the cards on the table. As long as we stick to the facts, there's nothing anyone can do. I'm still anxious (shocker I know) about it all though. So for the time being we still aren't going to elaborate. However, I will say this...From where I stand, there are some who are seeking to wage war upon me and my family. If a war is what they seek, a war is what they shall get. (For those of you who know me IRL; you know I will wage war on behalf of my family. For those of you who do not know me IRL; I am fiercely loyal and there isn't an angry, protective mamma bear on the planet that holds a candle to me when I'm ticked off and feeling protective.)

Rob's 30th birthday was today (I started this blog on Sunday, August 24th.) and his family threw him a great cookout/party. All of our nearest and dearest came. We ate good food. Laughed. Talked. And generally had a good time. Rob made out like a bandit. The boys had a blast. Plus, my little brother came to the party and I got to "hang out" with him for a bit. It was more me trying to hang out and him looking a mix of confused and amused. But I'll take what I can get at this point. (lol) Overall, I think Rob had a pretty good day.

So that's about the long and the short (more short) of it. I will post all the pictures I've been taking and saving to post as soon as I can.


Nicole said...

HAPPY (belated) BELATED Birthday Rob!! :)

I'm glad your doing better.. well okay still alive ;). My phone is out of commission today - but I should find my charger soon!

Anyhoo... I'm still here for ya chickadee ;)

Ah...true love...

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