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Hawaii Two-0

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Get it? It's a play on the old television show "Hawaii Five-0" only it's Two-0 because Elliott Richard is 2 and Emmett John is (technically) 0. Okay. Okay. Yeah, I know I'm lame. lol (Although, hopefully you'll get the reference once you see the onesie Emmett John is wearing.)

I keep trying to catch Emmett smiling. I also keep missing. On the bright side, I'm getting some down right adorable pictures of the E's. That said, here's another daily dose of "The Dueling E's". I know you were having withdrawl symptoms. ;) lol

Here's your fix. :)

"You want me to do what?!"

Emmett John, the Archer...strike a pose!

(otherwise known as "Vogue-ing" lol)

Sportin' the "Hawaii 2-0" look courtesy of Apple :)

"Mom, I'm serious. No more pictures."

Deep thoughts

(No, I didn't pose this picture. Seriously, you try posing a 5 week old. lol)

"I take it."

(That's what Elliott Richard says when he wants to hold Emmett. Obviously, Emmett was less than thrilled with the arrangement. lol)


Nicole said...

LOL that second picture looks like Emmett is practicing for a hiesman (sp?) You are in a football town afterall ;)....

Anonymous said...

what an adorable baby! and big brother.

April said...

The archer photo is the best! You should turn that into a valentine's day card, have a shooting arrow coming out from him. :)

Ah...true love...

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