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So I discovered MckMama's blog the other day. I became addicted. So I have been reading from the beginning, trying desperately to catch up. Well, I'm thrilled to announce that I am now caught up to April 2008! (Yippee! lol) Anyway, she did a few posts in April where she answered questions from those reading her blog.

Well, it's been commented before (by a jerk true but commented nonetheless) that I don't share everything. So if there has ever been something you wanted to know. My favorite color. What my email address means. What I had for lunch. Whatever. Now's the time to ask.

Sound good? Works for me.

Off you go now...ask me some questions...go know you want to...


Nicole said...

The only question that came to mind was....*drum roll please*....

What color underwear are you wearing?

NOw before some jerk comes on and claims I am a perv (so not true....unless you've been talking to my husband).... I would hope that Lizze KNOWS I'm a sarcastic, fecal aggitating (at times), joke-loving kinda gal. So there. :P

Lola said...

Nicole's a perv.

But I would expect nothing less from Lizze's friends lol :)

I have a question ... why don't you call me anymore? You don't love me. That must be it.

Nicole said...

*tries really HARD to not point at Lola and say "TAKES ONE TO KNOW ONE" while sticking out my tounge*

She doesn't call... she doesn't text... there's no love anywhere ;)

Lola said...

lmao! you're great!

Ah...true love...

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