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mckmama rascal flatts ~ Hey, my favorite blog and my favorite country group. :)
google giveaway blogs
cherrio confessions ~ Yup, that's my blog. :)
pennmommy (4 times) ~ I still have absolutely no idea why this google search keeps leading you to my blog.
7 random things tag ~ Yup, I did that meme.
confessions of a cf husband blog (twice) ~ I love this blog too!
gosselins without pity pennmommy ~ Seriously, what about my blog is bring you to me with this search?!
health issues from 2 weeks ago ~ Are health issues from 2 weeks ago worse than current health issues? I'm confused. lol


Anonymous said...

maybe I'm blog illiterate but the gosselins without pity thing...its under your favorite blogs. could that be why people are getting to your blog from that?


Lizze said...

You aren't blog illiterate, Beth. I am apparently just *that* exhausted. lol

Anonymous said...

hahahaha I was so doesn't take much these days. Hope you and little man get to feeling better soon.

p.s. The hide and seek thing = cutest thing ever.


April said...

Holy cow lady. I was 53 blog posts behind and now I'm caught up again! :) Yay!

I hope you feel better soon, and your little Mr. is feeling better soon. Poor little guy. And poor mama.

Ah...true love...

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