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Raging migraine.
Active children.
Laundry and dishes calling my name.
No energy to care about them.

Lots of milk and soy free foods.
Slowly figuring this new diet out.
Might not be so bad.

Am I negative?
I prefer realist but whatever.

Can I change my name?
Nah, they'd just learn the new one.

I must be seriously stressed.
The twins won't leave me alone.
I love cats.

I got my Stellan bracelet in the mail today.
Ordered one for Rob and Elliott Richard.

Emmett John is feeling better.
Thank God for small favors.

Are you confused yet?
Yeah, me too.


Nicole said...

Some times you feel like a nut ;)

Lizze said...

Be the nut. Accept all that is the nut. Feel the power of the nut. ;) lol

Lizze said...

Man, that sounds really bad. lol

I blame...being a mother, yeah that's it. Motherhood sucked my memory away. (FYI: It gets worse with every child, just so you're aware. lol)

Ah...true love...

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