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I think it's time...

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No, no, no! Not *that* time, at least not for a few months anyway. I think it's time to introduce Elliott Richard to the potty. *sigh* My little Twitter Bug is growing up so fast.

Yesterday he decided that he had to pee but didn't want to use his diaper. So he went into Daddy's office and peed on the floor!!! Problem is that it's apparently pretty difficult to control your aim when you have a diaper and pajamas on. So he got most of it all over himself. Being the smart little bug that he is, he then went and sat on the heating vent to try and dry himself off. lol I nixed that idea and plopped him into the bathtub. Where he promptly stood and properly aimed his stream here and there and all over the tub. lol

Then this morning he was in bed snuggling with us and we smelled something amiss. Sure enough, Elliott had left us a present. And to show us, he wiped it on his leg and his forehead! lmao So into the bathtub he went again! lol

We've been kicking around the idea of digging the potty out of "storage" for a while now. But didn't want to freak him out by it. But he's now telling us after he goes that he needs changed. He goes into a private corner his business. And then the mess yesterday. I think it's time they were introduced. With any luck, he'll be mostly potty trained before Ladybug makes her appearance. *crosses fingers*

Ah...true love...

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