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Bed Rest ~ Day 11

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Let's see...pretty boring day here.

I woke up with a wicked headache/migraine that I have been unable to shake. Then I had some really bad cramping. So I just took a Darvocet hoping that it would knock out one or both of the issues. I don't know how great it worked at helping with the pain but I did sleep through most of today so I guess that's a something, right. The one thing I am noticing is that when my cramping gets worse, my contractions return/increase. So I need to try and keep both at bay so that I can enjoy my reprieve in two days.

In other news, I had all of these deep and existential things I wanted to blog about today. Now that I'm sitting here, I can't remember a single one of them. lol

Ah well, I guess I'll just go eat my "European Snack" of fruit, cheese and bread while I hang out with Rob and watch some (more!) television.

11 down ~ 124 to go

Ah...true love...

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