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I made this for Elliott's 1st Birthday......Just Found It...Again.

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I (meaning Rob) made this for Elliott's first birthday. I thought we lost it with our last lightning strike (we have been hit twice in three years)this past summer. I just found it and thought I would share. I didn't make a new one for this year because we weren't able to celebrate his birthday do to current circumstances....

***While I appreciate the fact that everyone finds me so creative and this slideshow so moving (it is), I can't take any of the credit. I grew the subject (Elliott Richard) but Rob did the whole slideshow himself.***

I *heart* surprises!

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With the exception of the migraine that would not quit, today has been a pretty good day.

I made some popcorn last night but couldn't stomach it, so I spread it around outside this morning for the squirrels. Now I've got squirrels, robins and all sorts of other birds as visitors. :)

Then I'm sitting here, working on a cross stitch project when UPS pulls up. I didn't think anything of it at first because my neighbors often get packages but then he came to my house! Rob went and got the package for me because we were thinking it was for him. The only packages I ever get are when I beta test something and I'm not involved in any betas right now.

Turns out the package was for me! :) Inside was a pregnancy journal!

I *heart* journals! I already have a pregnancy calendar and journal for Tiny. Now I have another one! :) Yay!

Well I'm off to start my new journal. :)

Bed Rest ~ Day 18 My Lil' Contry Bumpkin

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I am a country girl. My Granny was born and raised in Oklahoma. She was a country girl through and through. As I explained here, I was extremely close to my Granny. I am a child of hippy parents with strong southern influences in my upbringing. And people wonder how I ended up so far outside the box?! lol There hasn't been a box made that can hold me! hahahaha

But I digress. My children have always shown a love for music from the get-go. I give birth to "dancers". ;) lol

Gavin's favorite song was Christina Aguilera's "Genie in a Bottle". His favorite group was Dixie Chicks. If he wasn't very active, I could play Dixie Chicks and be rewarded with some "dancing".

Elliott Richard's favorite song was Christina Aguilera's "Can't Hold Us Down". (Notice a pattern here? lol) But really any Christina Aguilera song would do. He wasn't picky.

I think their love of Christina is what laid the ground work for them to have similar music tastes with Rob. Rob likes rock, 80's...basically all things with a strong beat and then country. I'm the opposite. I love country. I would listen to country and bluegrass and jazz all day. (Sadly I am alone in my love of jazz.) I like select songs from other genres but I am a country girl at heart, through and through. I even have a country accent on certain words and phrases. (frog = frawg etc)

Well it would seem that Tiny is a little more like me than the rest. ('Bout time!) I played Christina for him this morning fully expecting the pattern to continue. Nope. Tiny was quiet. There were a few bomp, bomp, bomps but no "dancing". Next I tried Rascal Flatts. (I heart Rascal Flatts!) Ladies and gents, we've got dancing! HAHA I'm no longer the only "country bumpkin" in the family! :)

Bed Rest ~ Day 18 Introductions

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I was in a bit of a pretty major funk last night. I had just reached that point where it's all just too much. The shots. The appointments. The bed rest. My funk was so deep that I was getting irritated because Tiny wanted to show off the latest gymnastic moves and that was preventing me from slipping into a coma-like sleep. Rob went and got some Taco Bell, which I had been craving to try and pull me out of it. It just wasn't happening. So I went to bed and tried to sleep it off. (The food seemed to have lulled Tiny into a food coma. lol)

I dreamt of my Granny last night. She died on May 11, 2002. That's the day that I changed forever. But that's another post. I used to dream of her often after she died. As the years have passed I haven't had as my visits from her. This may sound crazy, or maybe it won't, either way it's what I believe so :p on you! lol I believe that my Granny visits me in my dreams. I've had visits from other family members as well. But my Granny is my only steady visitor.

I had dreams of my Grandpa C, my Mom's dad, throughout my entire pregnancy with Gavin. This is significant (to me at least) for a few reasons. First, I had never dreamt of him before that time and I have yet to dream of him since Gavin's birth. Second, Gavin was born the day before my Grandpa C's birthday. Third, I was working at Staples while pregnant with Gavin and I had a customer come in one day who could have been Grandpa C's clone. No joke. I looked as if someone had plucked this man straight out of a picture I've seen of my Grandpa. Every where I turned during that pregnancy, my Grandpa C was there. Again, this has not happened since.

The last visit from my Granny I remember vividly was just after Elliott Richard was born. I dreamt the family had a big cookout/reunion (something her side of the family has every summer for the 4th). At that reunion I was able to introduce her to the great-grandson she had never had the chance to meet (on Earth anyway). She was able to hold him and kiss him. And I felt better having had that opportunity. (Writing this is causing me to get all teary eyed.)

My Granny was a huge influence on my life growing up. I was convinced that the sun rose and set with her. She was only about 5 feet tall but her personality was so much larger! She loved life. She was creative and compassionate. I don't think she ever missed one of my swim meets or gymnastics meets or major life events, even if they were hours away. I was (and still am to this day) her only grand-daughter.

I am struggling to find words that adequately describe her and the emotions tied to her. All I can say is when she died, I was forever changed. There was honestly a moment when I thought the pain of her death was going to drown me. Someday I still feel like that.

So when I am given the opportunity to "spent some time with her" via my dreams...that marks the beginning of a good morning.

Last night I dreamt of her again. She picked me up and took me shopping for things I would need and want while on bed rest. She bought me gobs of snacks, some slippers that looked like tennis shoes (I used to have some of these but I wore them out.) and a bunch of puzzles and doo-dads to help keep me busy. Then she took my mom and I out to lunch. We all sat around the table and chatted up a storm while we ate. When we were finished Tiny was going crazy, just moving and grooving like mad. Which gave me the opportunity to have my Granny feel the movement. I woke up feeling much better and at peace with everything. The funk was gone.

I miss my Granny, every day. But I miss her most during major life moments such as these.

18 down ~ 117 to go

Ah...true love...

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