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Update on "The Leak"

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My dad and I tore into the wall. The leak appears to be coming from the soil stack..
So as bad as my day was going it got much worse when we discovered it was sewage leaking from the second floor all the way to the basement.. It looks like this has been leaking for a really long time and we didn't know it..... We are not sure how we are going to approach this "little" project. It appears that they built the house around this pipe. Very difficult to get to....I will keep you all posted.....

It's been a pretty crappy day....

Enough is enough.

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Seriously. God could maybe trust me a little less. Rob too.

I'm having a difficult time believing "if he brought you to it, he'll bring you through it" this time around. As odd as it may sound, I had an easier time putting my faith in that statement when we were told Tiny had Amniotic Band Syndrome. Then it was blind faith I needed. Nothing else. I didn't need to figure out how we were going to pay for anything. Insurance would have covered whatever needed covered. I didn't need to worry about how others were going to help us because there wasn't anything they could do. I simply had to have blind faith that God would lead us all through and Tiny would be okay.

I can't do that now. Or I should be doing that now but I just don't see how. Dad G (Rob's dad) is here looking at, checking out, surveying the damage of "The Leak". Homeowners will not cover it because it is considered "maintenance related". Meaning we should have caught the leak we cannot see, nor hear and fixed it before the house began to mold, mildew, rot and generally fall apart. Homeowners was our last hope. There is no way for us to come up with the money for the basic repairs. And honestly, I don't know that it's even safe for us to be here.

Random Questions

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I know a few of you have asked some questions. Only one is coming to mind though. lol So I'll answer it and if you want to ask some more...feel free. :)

Susan had noticed that my Bed Rest countdown is the same as the pregnancy countdown. Basically, I did that to make it easier for me. I don't know when I'll be released from bed rest. I was released at 36 weeks with Elliott Richard but he was born with premature lung disease, which then led to other problems. So I don't know if the goal is 37 or 38 weeks this time. I do know that it's questionable whether or not I'll make it that far so at this point, odds are that I'll go into labor before I'm released. But mainly I just went with my due date to help make the countdown easier for me. :)

Another Day....

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So last night I was doing some laundry... I noticed that the floor was wet. I had always assumed it was the washer. The drain over flows sometimes. I realized that it wasn't coming from the washer...I found a leak in the main drain line in the house. Now this plumbing is over 100 years old. I thought no problem, I will seal it and fix it later.

As I was sealing the drain line I started feeling drips on me. I looked up and the whole ceiling is soaked and dripping. I turns out that the water line for the 2ND floor bath has been leaking for God only knows how long... I looked in our hall closet and found the whole wall is soaked and covered in mold. We NEVER use that closet so I have no idea how long this has been going on.

I did find extensive damage and I am not sure how far it goes or where it is leaking from. My Dad is going to stop by tonight to check it out and see if we can fix it. With the house being so old it's hard to repair because everything is backwards..and very, very old..... There isn't even any water shut offs anywhere in the house. The person that plumbed this house IS AN IDIOT. You have to have water shutoffs to the first and second floor......We don't.....

I really don't need this right now....

Bed Rest ~ Day 30

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I had an appointment with Dr. D yesterday. It went really well. I got there. They 
weighed me (some how I managed to gain another pound in less than a day - without the aid of cheesecake!). And we did all the fun pregnancy tests (different from the "pregnancy test" where you pee on a stick lol) and measurements.

Appointment Stats:
Weight: 179 lb
Tiny's Heartrate: 143 bpm
Fundal height: 25 cm

Then a med student/resident (whatever) came in asked me a few questions. Starting with "So things appear to be going well." I kind of looked at him and cocked my left eyebrow up (which I do when I'm confused or when I want to give someone my best "are you serious" look) and said, "Well, yeah things are fine. Unless of course you count the trip to L&D last night. Or the 3 contractions/hour since Sunday." At that point he started flipping through my chart (from the day before). I just love med students/residents who don't take the time to read the chart before they come in. *eye roll* lol

Dr. D, the med student/resident (whatever!) and Val (one of my favorite nurses) came in a few minutes later. Dr. D said that our next goal is 28 weeks because we have a 60% chance of survival right now. At 28 weeks we have a 100% chance of survival. So 28 weeks is our new 40 weeks. (Kind of like 30 is the new 40 or whatever. lol) For now, that's our goal.

30 down ~ 105 to go

Ah...true love...

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