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Elliott Richard's New Digs

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These are Elliott Richard's new digs.
We used to have Rob's Bowflex thingie over there but we moved it so that we could set up this play area for Elliott within my line of sight.
He has his kitchen in the corner. (I seem to have raised a bit of a "foodie". lol)
Between the end table and the kitchen is the toy box. It's really cute. It has a mouth on the blue portion and to eyes on the yellow portion/lid.
Flipped over on the floor in front of the toy box is Elliott's wagon. It came filled with those huge toddler-safe Legos. Now he puts toys in it and carts them around the house, which was honestly the whole reason we bought it. (lol)
And then we've got the tent. It used to be Gavin's but as the Autism took over he became afraid of it. Elliott Richard wasn't too sure about it at first. Then I made him a little bed with his blankets from the NICU and the quilt that our neighbor's mother hand stitched for him. Added a few toys. And now he loves it in there. :)

Because I can...

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And here we have a picture of Gavin. Just because I can. He's playing a game that his godmother/aunt brought over for him and Elliott Richard. It's called "Piranha Panic". It's all marble based, which thrilled Elliott Richard beyond all belief! lol
Gavin has been playing with it all weekend. lol Please excuse his puffy eyes. He was "blessed" with my allergies and when we started to tear into the walls to get to "The Leak" it stir up all sorts of dust and fun things. Our allergies have been going crazy all weekend. :(

I had this all planned out...

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But you know what they say about the best laid plans...I don't remember what they say. But they say something. lol

Anyway, I had this all planned out. I took new pictures of my bed rest haven. I took pictures of my book/DVD shelf. I was going to take a page from Julie's book and label all the parts of the pictures. Show you exactly where everything is. I was even going to use pretty colors and text and arrows like Julie did. But I can't. I don't have a single program on this stupid laptop that will allow me to add text!!! Except for Paint and it's just a pain in the butt. So without my pretty text and's my bed rest haven!

To the left, we have my book/DVD case. Top row: my DVDs. (We used to have a ton of DVD's until "The Great DVD Purge of 2006". Don't ask. lol) 2nd row: small paperback books that have been sent to me in various care packages. 3rd row: My beloved (well-worn) Harry Potter books (books 4 and 6 are upstairs - I'm not sure why) as well as the tall paperback books that have been sent to me. 4th row: on the left you can just see the edges of my magazines and puzzle books (also sent to me by my loving friends), on the right the few CD's I still actually own.

In the window you'll see my elephants. :)

My blankets on the bed. Along with Elliott Richard who is very much alive, just pouting because I wouldn't give him his way. :) lol Along with my lapdesk, laptop, pregnancy pillow and beanbag chair for added support.

To the right, we have my Sterilite box on the floor (filled with snacks - both healthy and not). On top of the box, we have my black bag, which holds all of my pregnancy journals and calendars and pens.

On the table, you'll see my sippy and Elliott Richard's sippy. Plus some other random things.

Those are my new and improved digs. :)

Gift Basket!

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Did you know that you can ship a gift basket? Well, you can! On Tuesday Rob and I returned home from my weekly Dr. D appointment there was a box on the porch. I was confused at first because the return address label said it was from a basket company but surely you can't ship baskets. Ha! I was wrong! :) Of course, it was much more beautifully put together before I pulled everything out. And of course it didn't occur to me in my excitement to take the picture first. (lol) Inside I found biscotti, a little green photo album, a scented candle (which Rob promptly scooped up and lit), a loofah, and scented bath oils and things. It's all incredibly relaxing. And I just love it!

Thank you so much, Slade's Mommy! :)

I'm sorry. This dies here.

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I don't know what to write here. I've upset Rob because of my last post. He wishes I hadn't posted it. I wish...I don't know what I wish. I wish that people could either say something nice or not say anything at all.

Did she mean something cruel by her comment? I don't know. It was her opinion. Right, wrong or indifferent, I should not have lashed out specifically at her in my last post. Odds were that she had not posted to Chrissy's blog. And as she states in her comments, she had never read Chrissy's blog until now. I'm sorry that I had to bring attention to Chrissy's blog in this manner. I'm sorry that I had lumped her together with the commenter on Chrissy's blog. I should not have done this.

Her comment upset me. I don't know why it upset me so much. I've always been the kind of gal who wears my heart on my sleeve. This applies even more when I am pregnant. I take things very personally. I always have. It hurt me when she insinuated that Tiny is not motivation enough for me. Gavin, Elliott Richard and Tiny are the reasons behind each and every thing I do.

I am very sensitive when it comes to my children. Rightfully so. I have spent years fighting on behalf of my children. I will spend the rest of my life fighting for them. But when I feel attacked as a mother, to me that just feels below the belt.

Would I have taken the comment any better if she had left her name? Probably not. It was the simple fact that I felt attacked and questioned in my motives.

In all honesty, what triggered that post was the post on Chrissy's blog. The trigger was not the comment left a week or so ago. Although what I should have done is asked her, if she truly felt that I seeking outside motivation? And why? Tiny is motivation enough for me. When Rob gives me my injections, I think of Tiny. I feel the movements and I think of how it's only a little pain for the good of our child. When I am in L&D feeling like a heel because my contractions aren't showing up on the monitor, I think of Tiny. I think of how maybe I think it's nothing but it could be something and I would rather know in time to stop it.

What I should have done was reacted intellectually and not emotionally. I should have seen the opportunity to try and make a new friend. Rather than twisting the opportunity to make an "enemy". That's not to say I have that much of an impact on her life. Merely that I didn't take the opportunity offered. I twisted it into something else.

I do not apologize for my thoughts or feelings. I do, however, apologize for lumping my anonymous commenter together with this other. I was wrong to do that. I was merely venting my anger at negative anonymous commenters. Those happened to be my two recent examples. However, we leave our blogs and ourselves open for comments and as such should be prepared for the good, the bad and the ugly.

This is not what I wanted for my blog. This is not the way I want to portray myself. Nor is this how I wish to portray my family. So I am sorry, Anonymous Comment Leaver. (Yes, I am aware that "leaver" is not really a word but it works here.) I would email you and apologize one-on-one but I do not have your address. So please, if you happen to read this, know that I am sorry for lashing out at you. I've handled this poorly and for that, I was wrong.

I've said my piece. As far as I'm concerned this dies here.

Dear Cowardly Anonymous Female

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Dear Cowardly Anonymous Female Commentator,

You've been a busy girl. First, you had your hit and run on Chrissy's blog. Then you swung by mine to cast your negativity around. Granted, I asked for an opinion. You gave your opinion. However, you just couldn't resist leaving your scathing, "I, too, was on bed rest and my unborn baby was motivation enough." Well, this is for you. Because I can. Because Chrissy won't. Because this is my blog and I will not be silenced by the likes of you! (or anyone with similar motives to your own)

I'm sorry that it is so easy for you to do the Devil's work. I'm sorry that you seem to get a thrill out of posting mean and horrible things to people you don't know. Obviously the lesson of "if you don't have anything nice to say" was lost on you. I'm sorry that you are unable to be grammatically correct in your comments. What seemed so vitally important for you to share has now come across as rude, crude and unrefined. Not to mention uneducated. Not to say that you are uneducated, you just appear this way because of your total disregard for grammar and correct spelling.

I'm especially sorry that you leave your comments anonymously. I would so love to know you. To see your profile. Read your blog. I pray that you are only the serial negative comment leaver on you bad days. God-willing those bad days are few and far between. The world is ugly enough, it does not need your help. I pray that your heart finds peace. I pray that at the very least, you find the courage to at least leave your name on your negative comments from now on. Afterall, you are proud enough of the comment to leave it. Surely, you must be proud enough to sign your name and take credit as well.

Bed Rest ~ Day 34 Ahhhhh the Insanity!!!!

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I still have many more pictures to post. However, I wanted to give a brief update on things here.

Let's see...I didn't get any sleep again last night. I lost track of how many times Elliott Richard woke up. Mainly because he had kicked his blankets off - again.

My back is still killing me. Problem is that the position I found to lay in that doesn't hurt my back, gives me a headache and neckache. My sciatic nerve is all out of whack and causing me some major issues.

Rob had a guy out to check out "The Leak" last night and give us an estimate. Would you care to guess? Go on. Guess. How about $3800?! *ack* We are going to get some other estimates but I honestly don't know that they will be all that different. *sigh*

We had Dish Network out to set up our satelite yesterday. I find myself confused. With Time Warner Cable, we had Noggin 24 hr/day. However, with Dish Network, Noggin stops at 6:00pm so that they can run the tween/teenie-booper "soap operas". Why if it's the same channel is it different from one service to the next? And why in God's name do tweens/teenie-boopers need soap operas?! Have you ever tried to watch them? If not, I don't recommend it. Unless you like to lose brain cells purely by being annoyed into stupidity.

I'm thinking of starting an Etsy store for my cards. Rob always says I should write a book and sell my greeting cards. Well, the book is out of the question seeing as how I don't have any inspiration for a book at the moment. (Although this would definitely be the time to write it.) So I figured I would look into selling some of my greeting cards. I think they are pretty simple but everyone else seems to like them okay. I guess we'll just have to see. (Maybe I'll post some pics of the cards I have - like the graduation announcment/invite that I made my brother-in-law Tim. Then you guys can decide if I should persue the store or just continue making them for fun and friends/family.)

Other than that, my day is going to be filled with folding laundry and working on Rob's business website. Hopefully making some cards, assuming I can get Elliott to play along. lol

Ah the exciting life of the mother of two, pregnant with one stuck on bed rest. I'm sure y'all are on biting your nails with anticipation! lol

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