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Bed Rest ~ Day 50 Poking and Probing and Tests...Oh My!

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Ah...50 days down. Slowly but surely we're getting there. We'll be 28 weeks tomorrow. The "golden number"...I'm completely thrilled! I already told Rob that I want to celebrate tomorrow. :)

I had my bi-weekly appointment with Dr. D this morning. It was scheduled at 10:30 a.m. and I thought it would be an in-and-out kind of appointment. I was wrong. We didn't have to wait very long to be seen. Although it felt like ages because I had to pee so bad. (lol) The we went back and got the BP, measurements and whatnot out of the way. Chrissy, the nurse, asked if the new Nurse Practitioner, Rhonda, could come in and see me as well as Dr. D. I said that was fine. I really like her. She's very nice and friendly. I felt really comfortable talking to her, which is unusual for me. It usually takes me a while to get comfortable with medical professionals. (Trust issues and all that jazz.)

So we talked about my contractions and the bruised/sore feeling I've had the past few days. So we talked for a while and at first she was talking about how I wasn't having "true contractions". At that point Rob got a confused expression on his face and asked why they weren't "true contractions". So then we had the whole "preterm labor history" discussion blah blah blah. So she went and spoke with Dr. D and they decided to perform and NST just in case. While we were waiting for the NST machine to become available, Lori came in because she had realized that I was due for my fFN test. (Fun fun) So we did that. Dr. D checked to make sure I'm not dilating, which I'm not. (Yippee) Then it was time for the NST.

It took nearly 45 minutes to get the number of good movements we needed. Tiny has been sleeping all day (even after the graduation cake for breakfast!) and was not in the mood to play along and move. We tried poking my belly, shaking my belly and drinking lots of ice water. Nothing. In the end, we got enough movements and only a few contractions. So we were able to come home. We're just waiting on the results of the fFN test.

The Stats:
Tiny's Heartrate via Doppler: 127bpm
Tiny's Heartrate via NST: 133bpm
Weight: 178.5 lb
(Through fried chicken and a steady diet of graduation cake since Sunday, I was able to gain 3.5 of my 4 lost pounds back!)
Glucose Hell Results: 131
I PASSED! (Only just barely, 139 is apparently failing.)
Oh, and I'm thrilled to report that my appetite has finally returned! :) I have been eating us out of house and home since I woke up this morning. :) Yippee!

8 down ~ 10 to go

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Yet another 17P injection down. (Yippee!) Lisa just left a little bit a ago. It was nice to actually get to visit with her for a few minutes without having to worry about infecting her. :) All in all, it was a pretty painless visit. Seriously. The shot didn't hurt during or after, I fully expect that to change over time but for now I'm pain-free. The only hiccup was the fact that Tiny was sleeping, apparently very deeply, and unwilling to wake-up so long as we were trying. As soon as we gave up, he kicked a few times very strongly and then went back to sleep. Of course, I just ate a piece of graduation cake so it's only a matter of time before the conga line starts up. lol

BP: 100/70
Tiny's Heartrate: 120 bpm

Ah...true love...

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