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Bed Rest ~ Day 60

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Okay, so I've opened my Etsy store and I must admit I am really nervous about this. I'm terrifed that I'm going to end up like those poor people on American Idol. You know the one's that everyone just loves to laugh at in the beginning of every season. They go there and sing their hearts out. They suck and Simon always asks, "Do you honestly think you can sing?" At this point they always reply, "My friends and family said I'm an amazing singer! You just don't know talent when you hear it!" Now it's obvious to you, me and the dog or cat that this person couldn't carry a tune in bucket, however, they are convinced they are amazing because their friends and family said so. Now whether or not the friends and family are simply tone deaf or didn't have the heart to tell this person the truth, we'll never know. But I so desperately do not want to be that person! So I'm trusting that you, my friends and family, would not steer me wrong. :)

Other than that, things are pretty quiet around here. Gavin had a meltdown of massive proportions at Mom and Dad G's last night. Rob just happened to call during the meltdown and it was still going on 20-25 minutes later. It all started because Jenn and her boyfriend, Matt, had bought chinese for dinner and opted not to share. Which they are well within their rights to do. Especially since the last time they got chinese they offered to share with Gavin and he ate it all himself. Well Gavin didn't like this plan of not sharing so he lost it. Finally I had Jenn take over and do what Rob and I have to do. I affectionately call it "channeling our inner teenager". Simply put you have to throw as much attitude as he's dishing out right back at him. You have to get the head wobble and the finger waving and crossed arms going. Then you have to tell him, "We are SO NOT doing this. I'm not having it. It's just not happening." Sometimes it takes a few tries but he usually gets the point and stops. A lot of the time in situations like last night, he starts the fit because he thinks that the fit will get whoever has "wronged" him to give him what he wants. Last night, he got going and was simply building up steam to keep the fit going until Jenn and Matt caved. I'm very proud of them for not caving.

Poor Tiny has been suffering with one case of the hiccups after another for the past few days now. Tiny doesn't seem to mind them at first but after a while I think it gets to be annoying and he begins to take his frustration out on me and whichever organs happen to be within reach. lol They say that the hiccups help the baby's lungs to develop. I'm not sure if it works that way for my kids though. Elliott Richard had hiccups nearly 4 times a day nearly everyday toward the end of my pregnancy and his lungs were still premature. So who knows. Tiny is currently residing in the breech position. Head jammed up under the middle of my ribs and sitting on my poor cervix. At least it's harder to land kicks to the cerivx if he's sitting on it. lol

Well, I'm off to make some more cards and some gift tags for my Etsy store.

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