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Weekend Update.....

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This weekend is finally over. We had some good times and we had some bad times.
Gavin came home this weekend and it seemed like we went from 1 colossal meltdown to the next. It seemed like they would never end.

We also had some good time. Gavin made Lizze a really nice Mother's Day card and took a lot of time to make it. See the post a few down and Gavin sang her a mothers day song. We are very tired and going to take it easy today. Gavin advances to Yellow belt this week and we are very proud of him....

Lizze is working on getting more cards posted and building up her store. Hopefully this will take off and give us a little breathing room.

Other then that Lizze said it was a good Mother's Day which means we did something right and that's all that matters.

Thanks again for all our thought and prayers. We are keeping all of you in ours...

Ah...true love...

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