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Appt with Dr. D

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So I had my bi-weekly appointment with Dr. D this morning. The nurse I had has been there forever but I think she usually mans the phones or something because she said she was new. But I know she's been there forever. I've seen her. Anyway, we got there. We waited. She weighed me. I peed. Then we did the "So how are you feeling" song and dance. I told her about my cx (they've been 20 mins apart and sometimes 7 mins apart). She made a note. Rob told her about my concerns with the whole "fingertip dilated" thing. She made another note. She checked my BP, my pulse, my fundal height and Tiny's heartrate. Then she left and I got ready for my bi-weekly fFN test.

Dr. D and Val (the nurse - one of my favorites) came in. I scooted down so he could do the fFN test. Nearly screamed in pain and almost burst into tears when I moved because I jammed my back up again. (Are we having fun yet?) He said he wasn't going to check to see if I had dilated anymore because he didn't want to chance stirring things up and causing me to dilate further. So for now we are just assuming that I'm only 1 cm dilated unless we need to find out otherwise.

The Stats
Weight: 177lb (I lost another pound.)
BP: 90/63
Fundal Height: 31 cm
Tiny's Heartrate: 139bpm
fFN Test: Negative (Yay!)
Bloodwork (at hospital) for Heparin: clotting factors FINALLY where he wants them (Double Yay!)

Bed Rest ~ Day 64 Find a Happy Place

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It has been mentioned that I'm not blogging about life as much as usual. I feel like all I would be doing is complaining if I were to blog about life right now. But if that's what y'all come here for who am I to deny you that.

As I sit here writing this, Elliott Richard is chasing the cat down with his push toy. Although he's technically outgrown the push toy, he goes through these phases where it's his favorite toy. I think he just enjoys pushing it and having the ability to chase Cleo with it. Cleo is a pretty good sport about it all. Even when Elliott grabs fists-full of fur, she just howls and waits as patiently as she can for him to let go. *knock on wood* She hasn't brought out the claws or tried to bite him in self-defense yet.

There's no doubt in my mind that Elliott Richard loves Cleo. However, he's only two years old and doesn't quite know how to express that love yet. We're working with him on "nice touches" and "nice lovin's" to try and teach him that we don't need to pull her tail and/or fur to show her love.

Gavin is upstairs in his room. Where he wants to be. He has been having more and more horrible days lately. Apparently today he was demanding attention all day. Ended up in the Principal's Office twice. And at one point even tried to shove his own foot in his mouth because he was so angry. I don't know what shoving his foot in his mouth was supposed to accomplish but whatever. We don't know if this is because:

a) his bi-polar is under control for the first time so we are finally seeing the "Autistic Gavin".
b) his meds aren't working.
c) he's been away from home with our parents for too long.

I don't know that we'll ever know which one it is. I would bet money that (a) is a large part of the issue. if not the biggest part of the issue. We've never actually seen what "Autistic Gavin" is like. We've always had the "Unmedicated Bi-Polar Gavin" covering up the "Autistic Gavin". As for (b), well it's kind of difficult to prove without Gavin's psychiatrist who is next to impossible to get a hold of or return phone all from. Forget about actually getting an appointment. And (c), well Gavin's psychologist keeps telling us that it has to be "the needs of the many, over the needs of the few". Rob, Elliott Richard, Tiny and myself being the "many". Gavin being the "few". So as much as we may miss Gavin and want him home, it isn't a viable option for us right now. The stress would make an already difficult, high-risk pregnancy even more dangerous.

And of course, I made Gavin and Elliott Richard dinner. Chicken nuggets and carrots for Gavin. Just chicken nuggets for Elliott - he's been grazing all day since he's currently in a "bird phase". (That's where he just picks at food like a little bird.) Gavin didn't eat his chicken nuggets but decides he has room for dessert. That of course led to a melt down. Then he demanded tape. I said not - because that's not how we ask. He stomped his foot and said, "Why not?!" Um...because you are being rude and how about "because I said so". That got me another meltdown. Now he's in his room with his "boring tv" and his "boring toys" and his "boring life".

On the bright side, I appear to be adequately fulfilling my promise to "make my children miserable". You know, that promise that every parent takes when we agree to raise our children to the best of our ability and teach them to be mature, responsible adults etc. etc. So at least the parenting police can't issue a citation for that. *shrug*

64 down ~ 71 to go

10 down ~ 8 to go

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I can't believe I've already had 10 17P injections! That's just crazy to me! That also means I've been on strict bed rest for nearly 10 weeks! *shock*

Lisa came at 8:00am just like every other Tuesday morning. Of course, Elliott Richard decided to sleep in this morning. Just my luck. It's so nice to have some human contact, besides Rob and the boys that is. Plus Lisa and I always end up chatting for a bit, which is nice because it makes it feel a little more like a social visit rather than a business/medical one. It was another painless injection, although the site is burning like crazy at the moment. As much as I hate these injections, I'm going to miss Lisa. She was the perfect nurse for me to be paired up with. :)

The Stats
Tiny's Heartrate: 132 bpm
BP: 98/60 (It's about time it got back to normal!)

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