My Breastfeeding Badges of Honor


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It's now 11:38pm. I'm beyond caring about grammar and spelling etc so ignore the typos.

Here's the run down:

BP: 112/72 (which is kinda high for me)
Tiny's Heartbeat: 131 bpm
Pulse: 101 bpm
Weight: 181 lb (from Dr. D's office)
Fundal height: 36 cm (from Dr. D's office)
Cx: 3 minutes apart
Dilated: 2 cm

Intern/resident guy just came back in and checked me again. I'm still only dilated to 2 cm, which means I'm not in "true labor" (bull****!) and they are sending me home.

I'm not sure, but I may kill someone. If I commit a crime while in labor (true or not) does that automatically qualify me as "temp insane"?

Thank God they started my ultra painful IV and humilated me 6 ways from Sunday just to send me home!



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35 weeks appears to be the limit. Contractions are 10 minutes apart. Have been that way all day. Some feel closer than 10 minutes to me. I feel like I'm leaking but at this point who knows. They will not help me along unless my water breaks. Something had better freaking happen because these are exhausting. I'm going in. If they send me home, fine. But I don't know that they will.

If you pray, do it now! We don't have a name. I'm shaking. I'm exhausted. I'm so not ready.


Ah...true love...

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