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Random Thoughts

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In honor of Emmett's 2 week Birthday I want to jot down some new things I've noticed.

~ When Emmett is half-asleep and trying to wake up, he scrunches his forehead. It looks like he's trying to pull his eyelids up with his forehead. (I love this.)
~ So far Emmett has only peed on me and the couch. (I'm trying to not take it personally. lol)
~ When he sleeps, he strikes varying versions of "The Thinker" pose.
~ When he's nursing and I have to cover him up with a blanket, if I peek under the blanket I'll find him nursing and scowling at me.
~ He can't get his fist in his mouth when he wants but when he was having his billirubin blood draws done, his accuracy with his free foot was astounding!
~ He has a double cow-lick.
~ When he sneezes, it's always at least two sneezes in a row. (Just like his Aunt Kate. Could this be some crazy genetic thing?)

General Thoughts on Babies & Parenthood

~ Why is it when babies are asleep the poop flows right out. But when they are awake it takes work and screaming to work it out?
~ Why do babies smile in their sleep?
~ Elliott Richard seemed so small to me. Until Emmett John was born. Now he seems HUGE!

Pictures Pictures Pictures

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Welcome to the world, Emmett John!

Daddy and his boys (well, two out of three anyway)

Emmett John snuggling with Mommy

Emmett John asleep in his bassinet

The cuteness (and temper) that is Emmett John in the hospital.:) Not that I'm biased or anything. lol

Mommy's Chunky Monkey

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Emmett John is 2 weeks old today! Yay!

He slept and nursed really well last night. (Thank God.) So I managed to get some sleep. (Yay!)

Then Emmett had his 2 week appointment with Dr. H at 10:30am this morning. Dr. H wanted to follow-up on Emmett's weight, jaundice, and eye infection. (I don't remember if I posted about his eye infection or not but it's nothing major. When he was born his tear ducts were clogged. Despite my attempts to keep his eyes/tear ducts clear, he developed an infection. Dr. H called in a prescription for an ointment to help clear it up.)

The jaundice is getting much better (no more bloodwork for now). Dr. H said that it can take preemies with jaundice up to a month for their livers to really get the hang of things. If he's still a little yellow in 2 weeks Dr. H will get another billirubin level and a complete liver panel just to make sure that we aren't missing something. He doesn't believe that there is anything we're missing. He just likes to be thorough, which I like.

His eye infection is almost gone and we've gotten the okay to stop the ointment after today. (Yay!)

As for Emmett's weight, they like to see infant/newbornsat least back to their birth weight at 2 weeks old. After being plateaued at 6lb 13oz since our discharge almost 2 weeks ago, we were kind of concerned. There was apparently no need to worry because he's turning into quite the Chunky Monkey!

The Stats
Weight: 7lb 5.5oz
(That's an 8.5oz gain in 5 days!! And 1.5oz heavier than his birth weight.)
Length: 21.25 inches
(He's grown 1.75 inches in 2 weeks!)
Head circ: 34.5 cm

***He's really not that off color. It's just easier to take and send pictures from my phone right now. And well, my camera on my phone STINKS!***

Ah...true love...

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