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4 weeks old...almost 1 month

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Emmett John is 4 weeks old today. He will officially be 1 month old on Saturday, July 26th. Here are the things I've noticed over the past week...

  • He is awake for about a half hour 2-3 times a day.
  • He's been very fussy and clingy over the past few days. Only wanting Mommy most of the time.
  • We discovered the joys of the Boppy pillow (pictures coming soon). He will chill in it for maybe 10 mintues each time he is awake just checking out the scenery and enjoying the view.
  • He gets a super concerned look on his face whenever he gets the hiccups.
  • He isn't quite sure about this thing called "Brotherly Love" from Elliott Richard. (see picture in previous post)
  • He has officially graduated to Size 1 diapers and is quickly out-growing his Newborn sized clothes!
  • He has the softest little hands and feet. I am just in love with them.
  • He had his first official bath (completely submerged and everything)!
  • Big noises don't seem to bother him very much (i.e. Gavin's fits) for the most part but tiny little noises make him jump out of his skin.

Week 3 in pictures

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Big yawn!

(I don't know why but I just love this picture. lol)

My chunky monkey sporting his Size 1 diaper!

(Woo whoo!)

More Brotherly Love

(I love this one because Emmett just does not look too sure about this "brotherly love" thing. lol)

My Permanent Attachment

(This is where Emmett John has been located for the past 2-4 days.)

"Who me?! I didn't do it!"

Another Due Date Come and Gone

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Yesterday was my due date. I didn't even realize it until my Mom said something while we were gabbing on the phone. That's three due dates I've had come and go in life. (Four due dates if you count the miscarriage in 2005.)

I know things are figured differently for preemies (even "late term preemies" like Emmett) but I've never really understood the whole adjusted age thing. But basically that means that Emmett John is now officially full term. :)

I can't believe that yesterday was the "Goal" but he's already been here for 4 weeks. Life is just crazy sometimes.

Ah...true love...

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