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Emmett John Update

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I know many of you are patiently waiting for an update to the Please Pray blog. I appreciate all of your prayers, thoughts, emails, etc. It helps just knowing that y'all care. When I have something definitive to post...y'all will be the first to know. After Rob, of course. ;)

Mr. Emmett John had a follow-up appointment with Dr. H today. Dr. H wanted to check him out now that he's been on the Xantac for his reflux for a little over a week.

We got there. Checked in. Went back to the room. Weighed Emmett John. And this is where things get crazy. My Tiny...Mr. weighs 9lb 15.5oz!!! He gained 1lb 2oz in 8 days!!! I asked Dr. H if that was normal and he said, "It makes him an over-achiever." lol

Dr. H checked Emmett out. And I asked about a zillion questions...

Emmett's belly button still bleeds a little bit from time to time. Dr. H said he has the tiniest little bit left to heal but he doesn't feel it needs cauterized.

He's got a rash across his shoulder blades. It's heat rash, nothing to worry about.

The Xantac is working great! As is the milk-free diet and I've never wanted a milk shake or bowl of cereal so badly in my entire life!

Then during his exam Dr. H noticed that the fat rolls on Emmett's legs are uneven. (I didn't even know they looked at stuff like that!!!) He said that it's probably just one leg is chubbier than the other but it could also be his hips. Apparently uneven fat rolls can signify an issue with loose hips. So now Emmett needs to have an ultrasound done on his hips (x-rays don't help right now because his hip bones aren't calcified so there's nothing there to show up) to check his hips. If it is his hips (and not uneven chub) he'll have to wear a special "pants" to hold his legs in a certain position while nature takes it's course.

Overall, Tiny is practically perfect in every way. Again. :)


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We've got smiles!!!

Emmett John gave Daddy and I our first real social smiles this afternoon!

I've been trying get an enchore performance all day so I could take a few pictures to post but he hasn't been playing along. lol

5 weeks old in photos

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All stretched out...

A little help from Mommy with that tricky bink.

(it never stays in for very long lol)

Waving hello to his peeps!

Cold and naked - Emmett John's two least favorite things in the world.

Friends don't let friends play with the setting on their camera phones. lol Even though this picture is yellow (and thereby ruined) I love the expression on his face. lol

Elliott Richard Photo Blog

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Elliott Richard sporting his boo-boo and a cheesey grin

Just lounging and enjoying some Oreos.

Up close and personal

Showing off sippy

Playing with his helicopter

Elliott Richard's new love...all things mechanical that fly.

Mommy & Daddy Photo Blog

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Boppy-headed Daddy (lol)

(Yes, I know the picture is blurry. That's what happens when you take pictures while laughing hysterically.)

Mommy and the "Babes"

The Return of Boppy-headed Daddy

Ah...true love...

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