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Milk Free?! Are you KIDDING me?!

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Here is the list of products with milk or soy proteins...un-flippin-real!!!

How to Read a Milk-Free DietAvoid foods with the following ingredients:
1. artificial butter flavor
2. butter, butter fat, butter oil
3. buttermilk
4. casein
5. caseinates (ammonium, calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium)
6. cheese
7. cream
8. cottage cheese
9. curds
10. custard
11. Ghee
12. Half and Half
13. hydrolysates (casein, milk protein, protein, whey, whey protein)
14. lacalbumin, lacalbumin-phosphate
15. lactoglobulin
16. lactose
17. lactulose
18. milk (any derivative – powder, protein, solids, malted, condensed, evaporated, dry, whole, low-fat, non-fat, skim, goat’s milk)
19. nougat
20. pudding
21. rennet casein
22. sour cream, sour cream solids
23. whey (including all forms, such as sweet, de-lactosed, protein concentrated)
24. yogurt
25. “D” on a label next to “K” or “U” indicated presence of milk protein

The following may contain milk proteins :
1. flavorings: caramel, barvarian cream, coconut cream, brown sugar, butter, natural
2. chocolate
3. luncheon meats, hot dogs, sausages
4. high protein flour
5. margarine
6. Simplesse®

17 hours and counting

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That's how long it's been since I woke up with Emmett John at 3:00am. 17 incredibly long hours. Here's the Tiny Update from the past few days. I apologize up front if it doesn't exactly make sense. It's completely inadequate for me to say I'm running on less than fumes.

I already posted the update from Emmett's appointment with Dr. H on Monday. You can read it here. Dr. H asked me to call yesterday morning with an update on how Emmett had done through the night. So yesterday morning I called and left a message with the nurse. Yesterday afternoon Dr. H called me back.

We discussed Emmett's spitting up episodes (three in an hour and a half yesterday), his fussy behavior during the day etc. I explained how I had given Emmett the dose of Maalox between doses of Zantac and he spit up it and half of what he'd just eaten all over the both of us. Then I explained how we tried for over half an hour to give him the Pedialyte but Emmett refused to take the bottle. He asked me if I felt Emmett needed to be seen. I said "no". He decided to increase the dose of Zantac from 0.5mL to 0.7mL BID and he wanted me to call this morning with another update.

Last night started off so well. Then he woke up at around 3:00am. I figured he was upset because the side he was nursing on was empty so we switched sides. Nothing doing. He nursed. He fussed. I hed him. He fussed. Put him in the swing. He fussed. You get the idea. He wasn't full-on screaming his head off fussy. It was more a grumpy, generally unhappy kind of fussy. This went on until about 6-6:30am when he finally passed out and I was able to doze.

Then when we were all awake for the morning I nursed him at about 8-9:00am. About 10 minutes later at least half of it came back up. Over the course of the next hour he continued to spit up, leaving little puddles in his wake. So as we were getting ready to leave for his appointment for his hip ultrasound I called the nurse and gave her the run down.

The doctors office called back a little while later because Dr. H felt that Emmett needed to be seen again. He was booked solid yesterday so we saw one of his partners, Dr. M (different from Gavin's ped Dr. M).

In the end, she said that it's most likely just his reflux acting up. Plus although we had increased his dose of Zantac it could take up to 10-14 days before we really see a change. She also sent him for an ultrasound of his stomach to make sure he didn't have any stenosis of the valves in the stomach. Then she informed me that I now have to cut out ALL milk and soy products. No milk or soy proteins what-so-ever!!! (Do y'all have any idea how many products have milk and soy in them?!?! I'll post a list for you later.)

So first, we had the ultrasound done on his hips. Then we saw Dr. M. Then Dr. M sent us for the stomach ultrasound.

The stomach ultrasound turned out perfect. He has no signs or symptoms of stenosis of the valves. So that's awesome. And now we just wait for the Zantac to either kick in or not.

Ah...true love...

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