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How to Draw a Face by Elliott Richard

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He's quite a good teacher. ;)

(And I still have no idea why there is a blue hue to some pictures/movies and not others. It's not me. I swear.)

Elliott Richard's 1st Face

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Elliott Richard's been obsessed with circles ever since he learned what they are. Usually he brings his Magnadoodle to either Rob or I and asks us, oh so sweetly, to draw circles. Today I had my hands full with a spitting up Emmett John so I explained that he would have to draw the circles himself. This is the end result. I swear just when I think he's as cute as he can get, he gets cuter.

Update on our little slice of Insanity

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Dr. H's office called us back. And I'm thrilled to have two pieces of good news (for once)...

First, Emmett John's ultrasound of his hips came back as perfect! Yay! He does not have hip dysplasia!

Second, Dr. H over-ruled Dr. M's no milk and soy protiens order! Yippee! I am now back to my "no main milk products" order, which is much easier to live with.

Ah...true love...

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