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6 weeks old

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What Tiny's up to this week: Has your baby smiled at you yet? If not, he will soon. At 6 weeks, about half of all babies can recognize their parents, and many of those babies are so delighted that they welcome Mom or Dad with an excited, gurgly grin. This is one of the first signs that your baby is developing an ability to socialize.In fact, it's called a "social smile," and it's one of the more emotionally gratifying milestones you'll see your baby reach.

Well, here we are working our way through Week 6 already. I can't believe my Tiny has been here for a month and a half already. Already it's harder to remember life before Emmett John. The memories of labor and delivery are fading fast too. (Memories or not, we will *not* be having any repeat performances. Ever. lol) We had our first smile in Week 5. I can't wait to see the next big milestone.

The end of Week 5 - Photo Blog

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Just a few pics of Emmett John. (I have no idea why the one is blue.)

Chilling at the Doctor's

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What can I say, six plus hours at various doctors' appointments tends to bring out the bored ADHD kid in me. ;)

Our Support Team

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Okay, for future reference, here's the list. The key is as follows:

Orange ~ Rob
Purple ~ Lizze
Green ~ Gavin
Blue ~ Elliott Richard
Red ~ Emmett John

Our Support Team (family, doctors, therapists, teachers etc.):

The Family
Rob's Side
Grandma G (Rob's Mom)
Pa-Pa G (Rob's Dad)
Uncle Brian (Rob's brother)
Uncle Jon (Rob's brother)
Aunt Teri (married to Uncle Jon)
Aunt Kate (Rob's sister)
Uncle Tim (Rob's brother)
Aunt Jenn (Rob's sister)
Grandma Gene (the Great-Grandma/Pa-Pa G's Mommy)
Grandpa B (the Great-Grandpa/Grandma G's Daddy)
Uncle Rick (the Great-Uncle/Pa-Pa G's Brother/Elliott Richard's Godfather)
Aunt Carol (the Great-Aunt/Pa-Pa G's Sister-in-law/Elliott Richard's Godmother)
Cousin Grace (Uncle Rick & Aunt Carol's older daughter)
Cousin Hannah (Uncle Rick & Aunt Carol's younger daughter)

My Side
Adoptive (I don't differentiate but it can be confusing so just for clarification purposes.)

Grandma W (my mom)
Grandpa W (my dad)
Uncle Zach (my baby brother)
Grammy (the Great-Grandma/Grandma W's Mommy)
Po-Po (the Great-Grandpa/Grandpa W's Daddy)

Aunt Trisha (my sister)
Uncle John (Trisha's hubby - my brother-in-law)
Cousin Danny (Trisha & John's oldest son)
Cousin Dyvin (Trisha & John's youngest son)
Cousin Payton (Trisha & John's daughter)
Grandma Mary (Trisha & I's mother)

The Medical & Educational Team
Patty ~ Psychologist

Mollie ~ Psychological Testing
Dr. R ~ Psychiatrist
Dr. H ~ Pediatrican
Dr. Jon ~ Pediatric Dentist

Neuro ~ Developmental Neurologist
Mrs. C ~ Teacher
Miss L ~ Teacher's Aide
Miss F ~ Social Skills Teacher
Mrs. S ~ Principal
Andrea M ~ MRDD Special Services Administrator
Kathie W ~ Wraparound Project Coordinator
Lori ~ MST

Elliott Richard
Dr. H ~ Pediatrician
Dr. G ~ Urologist (saw when he was an infant and has since been released from treatment)
Dr. Jon ~ Pediatric Dentist

Emmett John
Dr. H ~ Pediatrician
Dr. Tim ~ Apnea Clinic Pediatrician (saw between birth and 3 months, has since been released from treatment)
Dr. KR ~ Ear Nose & Throat doctor (seen for hoarseness & tubes in his ears)

Misc Pediatricians & Nurses in the Practice
Dr. Beth
Dr. M
Dr. K
Dr. C
Chris ~ Dr. H's main nurse
Linda ~ floating nurse
Mel ~ floating nurse

Lizze's Team
Dr. D ~ OB/GYN
Mollie ~ Therapist
Dr. T ~ Pain Management
Dr. E ~ Primary Care Physician
Dr. L ~ Gastroenterologist
Dr. G ~ Rheumatologist

Rob's Team
Mollie ~ Therapist
Dr. E ~ Primary Care Physician

Ah...true love...

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