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Fun with Pictures

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Take 1 sleeping baby

Add 1 bored, silly with sleep deprivation mommy

= Equals =

Fun with Pictures!!! :)

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Binkie Baby

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Okay, so this isn't a "Binkie Baby" photo. But look at that's just too cute to resist.

(Notice the sleeping twins in the upper right corner.)

Oh what a difference...

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2 hours of sleep makes. I am thrilled to say I got FOUR HOURS of sleep (albeit non-consecutive hours) last night!! It's amazing how two extra...nay additional hours of sleep can fool your body into feeling like you got eight hours. lol

Now we're on our way to a local flea market/farmers' market to pick up some fruit for my dairy-free diet. Even though I'm only supposed to avoid the major milk products (milk, ice cream, yogurt etc.) it still makes meals a little more difficult. So it'll be nice to have a few more options for sides and snacks.

I figure about the time we get home my body will realize I didn't actually have eight hours of sleep. Then I'll crash and burn. lol

We came. We saw. We bought gobs of fruit and I'm in Heaven. Elliott Richard is napping. (We wore him out and he didn't even have to walk. lol) Emmett John is in his swing. (I've probably just jinxed myself by telling you that.) Rob is on the phone. (Don't ask.) And I am eating lunch with lots of fruit. (Yum.)

As predicted, my body is slowly figuring out I only got 4 hours of sleep. And I think after my belly is full my brain and body are going to slip into a food coma.

***PS Be sure to take note that Emmett John is smiling in his picture! Not his full on grin mind you but at least I caught his sneaky grin. :) Whereas Elliott Richard was less than thrilled with me for taking his picture. lol


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No, I'm not pregnant. Yes, I know the title was misleading. Yes, I did it on purpose. It was fun. :)

Meet Blue and Cosmo, twin Seal Point Siamese kittens. (The names were chosen from two of the boys favorite Nicktoons. Blue = Blue's Clues ad Cosmo = The Fairly Oddparents)

Gavin is deathly afraid of mice. We don't have any, however, our house is 105 years old so at one time we did have a mouse. Gavin remembers this and is convinced the mouse is still here even though it was killed long ago by one of our previous cats. So Rob and I decided to get kitten.

He found free Seal Point Siamese mix kittens in the paper. We picked one and left his twin brother behind because he had been promised to someone else. At around 10-11pm that night she called us wanting to know if we wanted Blue's twin since the other lady never showed up. We figured what's a little more insanity and took Cosmo too. The cool thing is they share a birthday with Mr. Emmett John! :)

Ah...true love...

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