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Scrambled Ramblings

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Raging migraine.
Active children.
Laundry and dishes calling my name.
No energy to care about them.

Lots of milk and soy free foods.
Slowly figuring this new diet out.
Might not be so bad.

Am I negative?
I prefer realist but whatever.

Can I change my name?
Nah, they'd just learn the new one.

I must be seriously stressed.
The twins won't leave me alone.
I love cats.

I got my Stellan bracelet in the mail today.
Ordered one for Rob and Elliott Richard.

Emmett John is feeling better.
Thank God for small favors.

Are you confused yet?
Yeah, me too.

Not Me Monday

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Let's see...this week...

I did not...sit in a court room trying to figure out what I saw all those years ago. Because that would be a waste of energy since I can't go back and correct the issue.

I did not...tell the twins that there's a chinese restaurant with their names on it. Because I love my Siamese twin kittens and Chinese restaurants really do not serve cat - seriously, they don't.

I did not...ask the boys if they had ever heard of gypsies.

I also did not...ask my neighbor if she knew of any gypsies passing through town. Because that would be mean and generally not good parenting.

I did not...sob because Emmett John was sick and screaming in my ear, Elliott Richard hadn't made it to bed yet (and it was almost an hour past bed time), I had a migraine and was in the middle of a fibro flare - all while Rob was at his aunt and uncle's.

I also did not...sob partly because I was so overwhelmed and also so jealous that he was there and I was here.

I did not...start working on this week's "Not Me Monday" 7 days ahead of time and set it up to post next week so as not to overlap them. Because that would make it official that I am a sad woman with no life of my own to speak of.

Ah...true love...

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