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Not Me Monday

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This week I did not.... spend hours upon hours playing games as a means of escape before court. That would have been silly and slightly irresponsible since there were dishes to be washed and laundry to be done.

I did not.... seriously consider calling Gavin off of school on Thursday because I was so exhausted and wanted to sleep in. It would have been selfish and wrong of me to putting my sleep deprivation above my son's education.

I did not.... do a happy dance - in the middle of a hallway in a court house - when I heard that it was finally all over. That would have been mildly rude and disrespectful and something I would never do.

I did not.... feel kind of special and a little cool when we left the courthouse with an escort by the bailiff, with the Sheriff Deputies on alert and all the adults walking in a protective Secret Service style circle around Gavin. That would have inappropriate and immature given the serious nature of the situation.

I did not.... then allow my mother-in-law to purchase alcohol (including my "girlie beers" lol) for the celebration dinner. There's just something "wrong" with this situation so it's good that it did not happen.

I did not.... spend 45 minutes making silly faces and noises at Emmett John trying to get a giggle. While he spent 45 minutes looking at me as if to say, "Wow, why and when did they let you out of the loony bin?"

I did not.... have a very serious discussion with Mr. Emmett John about his age and size ratio. In this discussion, which he found absolutely hilarious by the way, I did not explain that while he will be 4 months old on Saturday that was not a good reason to zip right through the ability to wear his 3-6 month clothes (many of which he never wore because he didn't fit the size long enough) straight into 6-9 month clothes.

I did not.... cheat on my diet and eat a bite of chocolate because it's been so very long.
These are all things I would never, ever do.

Ah...true love...

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