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Not Me Monday

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This week I definitely did not....
I did not.... realize that while I had only been cheating on my milk-free diet in the smallest, ney tinyest of ways that was more than enough to cause the 4:00 am wake up calls I've been getting from Mr. Emmett John. That would make me a mean mommy who had caused her baby's pain in a moment of weakness.
I did not.... find Gavin jumping {like ceiling brushing jumping} on his bed at 5:00 am one morning. Since he's 8 years old {chronologically anyway, mentally he's more like 3 years old} he has obviously already learned that bed jumping is a bad idea.
I did not.... then scream "Gavin Alexander what on Earth are you doing?!" scaring the pants off of him in mid-jump. Doing so would have increased both the danger and odds of him injuring himself, which we luckily managed to avoid.
I did not.... begin insisting that Elliott Richard take naps {which is often a battle to accomplish} so that Emmett John and I could nap with him. That would be selfish and self-centered and a desperate act of an exhausted mother of 3.
I did not.... secretly get excited that the paperwork for Emmett John's ENT doctor had come in the mail because I seriously love to fill out paperwork. Because that would be sad and probably even bump up my ranking as a nerd. {It goes back to the whole love of writing problem I have.}
I did not.... use a website to rate the reading level of my blog.
I also did not.... then have my feelings hurt when I learned that my blog is painfully simple and low on the reading level scale.
And last but certainly not least, I did not.... spend more time marveling at my M&M's (Mini Miracles) than doing housework this week.

Ah...true love...

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