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Google It!

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Okay, this week's "Google It" borders on the...shall we say...interesting side of things? ;) lol
  • can you health issues be discussed at work (Google) ~ I suppose it depends on the job, the health issue and who you are talking to. I talk about health issues at "work" all the time. Then again, I work at home. So yeah...
  • JOHN EMMETT BLOGSPOT (Google) ~ Hhhhhmmmm...there's a John Emmett and he has a blog. I must look into this.
  • "morellichaos" (Google) ~ Ah, yes. My dear friend Amanda.
  • eating cheerios butt naked on the front porch (Google) ~ Wow. I'm not sure what more to say to someone not only actually doing this but then searching for other naked cheerio eaters on the net. lol
  • greeting cards to my mommy and daddy (Google) ~ Once again, we have those. All three of those - the mommy, the daddy and the greeting cards. :)
  • trileptal side effect curly wavy hair (Google) ~ Yet another side effect of trileptal that I'd never heard of. ;)


Ah...true love...

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