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The Story of Gavin

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Ah, yes, the Story of Gavin. Definitely not your "fairy tale princess" story, that's for sure. But it's part of our story and it's the beginning of his story, nonetheless. So it must be told. Besides I know you're all simply dying to know where it all began with my ex. ;)

Before (Coming Soon!)

The Pregnancy (Coming Soon!)

Labor & Delivery (Coming Soon!)

Birth to 6 months (Coming Soon!)

6 months to 1 year (Coming Soon!)

Gavin's 7 Rules

Our Support Teams

What is Autism?

What is Aspergers?

What is Bi-Polar?

What is ADHD?

What is OCD?

What is PICA?

What is Sensory Integration Disorder?

What is a Conduct Disorder?



Ah...true love...

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