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Let's make this short and sweet. Rob's baby sister Jenn moved in across the street tonight. Granted living with Fibro tends to limit my helpfulness when it comes to moving. I can't lift much. Can't really carry much either. Climbing stairs repeatedly, nope. So I hung the shower curtain and put her towels away. Hung out a bit. Even though I didn't do much, I am so beyond exhausted.

I had planned, well, more like hoped that I was going to write a post about how we had planned for things to go. Then how things had really gone. How I don't miss moving. I don't miss packing or sorting or unpacking. I don't miss having to feed those who are kind enough to help you move. Likewise, I don't like having to prented to know where I want everything or even that I have any of the answers because most likely, I don't. And as much as I wouldn't mind being 18 years old again, especially if I could be 18 knowing what I know now, I don't think I want to go through all that again.

Bright side: Jenn is all moved in.

Dark side: I'm in gobs of pain. And so overwhelmed and exhausted that I'm twitching.


Random Emmett John Cute-ness

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Just hanging out in the car, sitting backwards in the carseat. Don't worry I wasn't channeling my inner-Brittney Spears or anything. We weren't moving at the time. Just waiting, for something.

What's a baby to do...All stickered up with no place to go.

I just love those tiny baby toes. *swoon*

I love the way he has hands clasped together in this picture. Too stinking adorable.

1st Ride in a Big Boy Swingset Swing

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Every Monday Trisha and I go to the local Farmer's Market/Flea Market. On this particular Monady. Trisha needed to stop and order wooden benches for Father Lew for mass. So while Aunt Trisha picked out, ordered and paid for benches Mr. Emmett John and wondered off and found some playsets. Only one had an infant swing but luckily that's all we needed. :)

"Hehehe This is nice and all but I'm not so sure about this."


Up close and personal.

Hanging out in the swing. Getting a feel for the whole experience.

Big Brothers Make Good Arm Rests

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Baby brothers might make good pillows but big brothers definitely make better arm rests.

Emmett John appears to be sleeping peacefully. However, he's really quietly stalking his prey. Waiting for the perfect moment to begin moving in.

He slowly begins moving in for the kill.

And after much planning and careful follow-through, Mr. Emmett John has successfully turned his big brother into an arm rest!

It's a Whole New World Emmett John

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This is Mr. Emmett John's first tubby sitting up like a big boy. He's been able to sit up for months but it just never occurred to me to switch from the recline tubby to the sitting up tubby until now. (I'm a slacker mom I know. lol)

My babies seem to have a thing for ducks. I'm not sure why. I love the expression on his face in this shot though (Yes, I know I say that a lot. It's always true, if that helps.) it just screams, "Uh Mom, something is very wrong with this tubby. Are you sure you're doing this right?!"

Yes, he's holding what it looks like he's holding. What can I say, he's all boy. lol As you can see, he's decided that a) perhaps I do know what I'm doing after all and b) maybe this sitting up tubby isn't quite so bad after all.

Just playing with the wash cloths and the duckie. I was lucky to keep him from being buried (quite literally) in tubby toys by a "very helpful" Elliott Richard.

All clean!

Emmett John Fought the Food...

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Emmett John or Elf-Bear-Baby?

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Emmett John's Crib

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A few new Twitter-isms

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I *love* Simply Lemonade. It's actually sour and has pulp - yum. Well, Elliott Richard asked for some today so I shared. After he had finished his lemonade he had this to tell me:

Elliott Richard: Mommy, I really like your's lemonade.
Me: I'm glad baby.
ER: Yup, it's good fuzzy lemonade.
(Apparently, pulp is fuzzy. lol)

Then Trisha and I were sitting and watching television and she asked Elliott Richard for a diaper because his was "soggy". I gave her a diaper. Elliott Richard jumps off the couch, takes off the soggy diaper, leaves it on the floor, runs into Rob's office and pees on the floor. At this point Trisha told him that tomorrow she will take him to the store and buy him big boy undies. She even offered to buy him boxer shorts if he wanted. At this point he decided he wanted "boxers shorts". We've now learned that "boxers shorts" aren't actually boxer shorts. To Elliott Richard they are boxES of shorts.


A Little Bit of Elliott Richard Randomness

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Just a silly little 3 year old boy with his shirt stuck on his head. It's a little blurry because he was giggling so hard he couldn't sit still for the picture. :)

Elliott Richard with my cousin, Olivia's puppy (she's full grown dog by now) Lilah. It was actually seeing him with Lilah that sparked the idea of "maybe we should get a dog" in me.

Daddy with his Spidey. He wore that suit for about 2.5 seconds just long enough to snap a picture before he took it off. :)

Daddy and Elliott Richard

Yes, Elliott Richard is laying on Rob's head. Although I'm *pretty sure* he wasn't asleep at the time...just being a silly kid. :)

This is Elliott Richard's first ride in one of those rides at the mall. He's always been fascinated by them but everytime we've offered a ride he's played it cool and walked off. So blurry or not I had to catch a picture of him on this case he never rides again. lol

Baby Brothers Make Good Pillows

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Elliott Richard all nuzzled up next to the back of Emmett John's head.

Elliott Richard slowly migrating...turning Emmett John into a pillow.

Emmett John's pillow status has been achieved!

Gavin's 9th Birthday

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The Birthday Boy!

Gavin all grown up and striking his "cool kid" pose.

Elliott Richard's New Room - Before & After

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Elliott Richard and Maggie in Elliott's new room in the beginning phases. You can still see the remnants of what was the "Nursery" that was set up for Elliott Richard but he never got the opportunity to use.

Elliott Richard in his new room - before.

Elliott Richard's New Room!

Our little boy is growing up so fast.

Elliott Richard v The Stickers

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Gavin's Karate Promotion 2009

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Ah...true love...

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